The Beach

The Beach

A cool breeze, whistling to me

Water vapor softly cooling my face

Sand beneath me, between my toes

Not scorching, as it usually is on a hot day like this

But giving me warmth

Spreading throughout

As I lay, looking out

Into the vast, glistening ocean

Sparkling, as if a thousand crystals were dancing on its surface

Certainly enjoying themselves

As am I

On this wonderful afternoon

At the beach

The jungle

Water trickling down jagged rocks.

Birds jumping from tree to tree.

The sun edging through the trees.

Moss permeating through the dead plants.

A light mist hangs in the air.

Deers convene in a spring.

The water glistening under the sun.

Clouds racing through the sky.

The wind howls by.

A panther calls for his kind.

This is the jungle.


Ode to My Favorite Stuffed Animal

By: Ella Keenan

Once young and bright

Your formerly pink, blush fur

Now matted and gray

From all those late nights

Protecting me until day


Stuffing now lost

From countless hugs,

Trips, and washes

Now your back is curved

To fit under the crook of my chin


Your short, clumped fur

Once lavish and bright

Though faded,

Still soft and soothing

Like a feathery pillow against my skin


Your gentle aroma

Only noticeable by me

Releases gusts of my childhood

Smelling like laughter and play


Your light brown nose

On the tip of your pure white snout

That could once pass as a mound

Of freshly fallen snow from the wintry sky

Now dusted with gray

But still manages to retain its softness

Due to endless kisses

Causing it to feel like velvet under my skin


You were always there

In every moment

From when I was on cloud nine

To when I felt like I hit rock bottom


Your floppy ears

Danced in the air

When you soared

Around the room

Like an angel

In my arms


The top of your head

Has absorbed what feels to be

Waterfalls of tears

Over what seems to be

Endless years


And although invisible

To the human eye

I can see your compassionate, tender smile

From light-years away


You watch the days go by

Watching all the endless dawns

Of morning rays

Followed by ceaseless sunsets

Revealing the lavish night sky


Each day, you sit and look back

On the good old days

The days where we would do nothing

But sit and play



You sit at home alone

From the crack of dawn

To the pitch black of night

I see you watching from the shelf

With pity in the black voids

You call eyes

I sometimes hear you

Call out in sorrow

As our laughable moments

Slip away

Day by day


Years go by

Less laughter

Less tears

You wonder where you will be

In the next few years


You watch the scary movies

From your spot in my room

You watch in awe

As I no longer pear over the covers,

No longer hiding my face with fear


You realize that I no longer

See the shadows of the trees outside

As monsters

From under my bed


You watch as I no longer

Jump from chair to chair

Fearing the floor

Is a pool of lava

Waiting to sear my skin


All you see now

Is my lifeless room

Until the day’s chaos slows

And the late night starts to show


Except now,

When I leave in the morning

I can almost hear the faint whisper

Of your non-existent voice

Soothing, gentle

Softly begging me to stay


Although worn with age

Your once pink, blush fur

Now matted and gray

From all those nights

Protecting me until day


Then it dawned upon you

No one could love you

The same way


My Piano Recital

By: Emily Lam

I nervously reach the leather seat.

My fingers tremble above the white and black keys.

Without further thought, I brought myself to play.

My fingers swiftly run across the piano,

in accordance of each note in my music sheets.

From flats, sharps, and naturals,

I gradually play at roaring volumes.

The cool, cold pedals enhance the sound,

while I occasionally check my pace.

I make a mistake,

and desperately attempt to continue playing.

My body gets much tenser,

and my fingers feel like a doll’s.

I end the song carefully,

then I slowly stand up to bow.



My First Roller Coaster

By: Elise Chang


The sun shining

A flashlight in my eyes

The aroma of a pink, cloud like treat roaming through the air

As I wait in this never ending line

My hands shake tremendously

A gust of wind passing me

Carrying the sound of screams that came by

All of a sudden I am in a metal cart

A metallic bar separating my escape

The cart thrusts forward following the tracks to my doom

My eyes petrify with horror as the cart takes an unforeseen turn

The cart comes to a halt as I slowly regain consciousness

The silver bar now free as I make my escape

My feet relax on the motionless ground that is below me

As I turn to take my next journey of torment

Dogs and Cats are not the same

By: Carter Steadman

I am a dog                                                                            I am a cat

                                        We are total opposites

My owners give me any things       My servants are good at many things

they just built me a new wooden    They always kick me off my throne


I love being scratched                                         I get no sleep

behind the ear                                              When they are near

                                   We have nothing in common

I am grateful for                                          My servants lock me

my wonderful family                                     In my mansion

And all the luxurious food                      With nothing fun to do

I wake up early and                                I sleep late until I am hungry

stalk the colorful birds                           then scream until my cry is heard

I only dislike the vet                                This “vet” is an twisted person

Who puts stuff in my arm              That tortures fellow creatures

                     Well, maybe one thing in common

But you’ll find

That despite our differences

                         We are both equally great pets


Peace All Around

By: Eric Wilfong



Violence doesn’t build people up

It breaks them down

Why can’t there be peace all around


There’s good in everyone

You can see it in their eyes

But the decisions that some people make

Can hurt others inside


It’s not the person that does it

It’s the weapon they use

And the precious time they have to stop

Is like a bomb with a short fuse


Guns are our enemies

But we shouldn’t be scared

If we only could control them

Then our world would be repaired


Moans of despair will be no more

Instead the sound of joy will start to roar

Finally people have put the guns down

Now we can have world people all around