The melting of a candle

By Zaid Shaikh

I can feel this power around me

I smell burning nearby

This warmth around me

jumping it’s way closer and closer.

The heat so hot and so painful and at its prime

as I watch the wax slowly trickles down till it hits the cake.

Suddenly the pain vanishes,

everything is calm and soft.

The pain was so harsh all I could feel is the emptiness

as the wax continued to roll down.

Every sensation that I had meant nothing

except for the current one, peace substituting the gaps for emptiness.


By: Abinoam Mallede

The river flowed like a scarf in the wind

The leaves a stunning orange like the sun

The birds song flows through the wind

The water falling from the leaves going drip drip

Flowers all around

A beautiful rainbow on the ground

The butterfly dances through the air

The breeze cools the air all around

Slowly the flowers blooming indicating that spring has come


Elementary V.S High School

Elementary                                                                                                                                                                               High school


School was so fun!

School is so stressful!

I colored.

I have 2 essays due.

I’m so hyper I could die!

I need a nap ASAP.


I love Fridays.

Oh no, it’s Friday

No homework!

I have 3 projects due Monday

I’m going to watch Disney Channel.

Oooh, netflix.

Woahhh, Mickey mouse!

Ooooh, new Riverdale episodes.

Man, I love this show.

Ugh commercial breaks

Next episode, here I come

I’m starving

I just want two blueberries.

I could eat a horse

Mom, can I please have food

Yes Honey, what would you like me to make for you?

Go cook yourself something, your old enough!

Mom, can I have a playdate with Becky?

Mom, I’m hanging with Rachel, be back by ten.

I love seeing friends.



Do you see us suffering?

Getting stuck in plastic bags

getting slashed by metal scraps

we swim around in what we called our home

my stomach is yelling for sea grass not straws

I swim away from fishing nets

and divers with big cages

I see my friends tied up in knots with plastic twine around them

I hope one day I see the surface

and the sun will shine through this dark angry sea

but for now I live in a big trash can

waiting for things to change

but I question the living above the surface

”do you see us suffering?”


The Sea

By: Alden Olguin

The waves crash onto the shore,

splashing bits of water onto my legs,

as I hide my toes beneath the silky sand.

And glare into the sky watching seagulls flip and turn and tremble.

Out in the sea I can see the broad ships in the vast distance,

getting bigger and bigger as they sail towards the shore.

The sparkling sun lies itself upon the the top of the sea as if it were a blanket.

Then the sun drowns beneath the sea,

And the waves calmed down as if they were put in to a deep sleep,

leaving nothing but the darkness and the salty aroma throughout the beach.






I get into the torn leather seat.

My heart beats like the banging of a drum.

My clammy wet hands pull down the harness as tight as it will go.

I pray that the harness will hold me in.

The train lurches as I ascend up the very high hill.

The chain makes a clicking noise as we go higher up.

The train reaches the top of the hill and my heart drops.

We begin to fall down the hill and I barely manage to scream.

The train dips and dives and turns everywhere until it stops.

I get off of the ride and a sigh releases from my chest.


The Beach

The Beach

A cool breeze, whistling to me

Water vapor softly cooling my face

Sand beneath me, between my toes

Not scorching, as it usually is on a hot day like this

But giving me warmth

Spreading throughout

As I lay, looking out

Into the vast, glistening ocean

Sparkling, as if a thousand crystals were dancing on its surface

Certainly enjoying themselves

As am I

On this wonderful afternoon

At the beach

The jungle

Water trickling down jagged rocks.

Birds jumping from tree to tree.

The sun edging through the trees.

Moss permeating through the dead plants.

A light mist hangs in the air.

Deers convene in a spring.

The water glistening under the sun.

Clouds racing through the sky.

The wind howls by.

A panther calls for his kind.

This is the jungle.


Ode to My Favorite Stuffed Animal

By: Ella Keenan

Once young and bright

Your formerly pink, blush fur

Now matted and gray

From all those late nights

Protecting me until day


Stuffing now lost

From countless hugs,

Trips, and washes

Now your back is curved

To fit under the crook of my chin


Your short, clumped fur

Once lavish and bright

Though faded,

Still soft and soothing

Like a feathery pillow against my skin


Your gentle aroma

Only noticeable by me

Releases gusts of my childhood

Smelling like laughter and play


Your light brown nose

On the tip of your pure white snout

That could once pass as a mound

Of freshly fallen snow from the wintry sky

Now dusted with gray

But still manages to retain its softness

Due to endless kisses

Causing it to feel like velvet under my skin


You were always there

In every moment

From when I was on cloud nine

To when I felt like I hit rock bottom


Your floppy ears

Danced in the air

When you soared

Around the room

Like an angel

In my arms


The top of your head

Has absorbed what feels to be

Waterfalls of tears

Over what seems to be

Endless years


And although invisible

To the human eye

I can see your compassionate, tender smile

From light-years away


You watch the days go by

Watching all the endless dawns

Of morning rays

Followed by ceaseless sunsets

Revealing the lavish night sky


Each day, you sit and look back

On the good old days

The days where we would do nothing

But sit and play



You sit at home alone

From the crack of dawn

To the pitch black of night

I see you watching from the shelf

With pity in the black voids

You call eyes

I sometimes hear you

Call out in sorrow

As our laughable moments

Slip away

Day by day


Years go by

Less laughter

Less tears

You wonder where you will be

In the next few years


You watch the scary movies

From your spot in my room

You watch in awe

As I no longer pear over the covers,

No longer hiding my face with fear


You realize that I no longer

See the shadows of the trees outside

As monsters

From under my bed


You watch as I no longer

Jump from chair to chair

Fearing the floor

Is a pool of lava

Waiting to sear my skin


All you see now

Is my lifeless room

Until the day’s chaos slows

And the late night starts to show


Except now,

When I leave in the morning

I can almost hear the faint whisper

Of your non-existent voice

Soothing, gentle

Softly begging me to stay


Although worn with age

Your once pink, blush fur

Now matted and gray

From all those nights

Protecting me until day


Then it dawned upon you

No one could love you

The same way


My Piano Recital

By: Emily Lam

I nervously reach the leather seat.

My fingers tremble above the white and black keys.

Without further thought, I brought myself to play.

My fingers swiftly run across the piano,

in accordance of each note in my music sheets.

From flats, sharps, and naturals,

I gradually play at roaring volumes.

The cool, cold pedals enhance the sound,

while I occasionally check my pace.

I make a mistake,

and desperately attempt to continue playing.

My body gets much tenser,

and my fingers feel like a doll’s.

I end the song carefully,

then I slowly stand up to bow.