Dogs and Cats are not the same

By: Carter Steadman

I am a dog                                                                            I am a cat

                                        We are total opposites

My owners give me any things       My servants are good at many things

they just built me a new wooden    They always kick me off my throne


I love being scratched                                         I get no sleep

behind the ear                                              When they are near

                                   We have nothing in common

I am grateful for                                          My servants lock me

my wonderful family                                     In my mansion

And all the luxurious food                      With nothing fun to do

I wake up early and                                I sleep late until I am hungry

stalk the colorful birds                           then scream until my cry is heard

I only dislike the vet                                This “vet” is an twisted person

Who puts stuff in my arm              That tortures fellow creatures

                     Well, maybe one thing in common

But you’ll find

That despite our differences

                         We are both equally great pets


“The Foxes in the Yard”

By: Rishi Borra


Out in the forest,

where the air smells of fresh greens

are two small foxes,

playing, running, and chasing

each other’s orange glow.


They’re the color of the sun,

and act like binary stars

revolving around each other

’till they find another.


The tails are bushier and denser

than the undergrowth of the forest,

and they look like a whip of flame.


Their feet like a scorched branch

almost like

their lash had burned them charcoal.

Yet they are stronger and faster

than a human’s clumsy feet

and protect them from the devil in the sky

the mighty eagle’s golden beak.


And the foxes brain,

as clever as a human

outwitting the predator & prey

with quicker decisions than a rocket’s red flare


Those two foxes, out in the free

pouncing at two birds that watch with glee.

So don’t underestimate the fox

‘cuz if you come too close to see

it will be frightened by you,

and you might make three.

A War of Words

By: Hamzah Jamal

I’m Kim Jong Un

                                                 I’m Donald Trump

We hate each other

I have Nukes

That won’t do

I make peace treaties

Why can’t you

I hate you

We sent our defenses

Into the sky

I would do that

But Nanci won’t let me try

Your country sucks

People worship me

like a god everyday

Unfortunately  your hairline

It’s like an annoying little brother

You can’t keep it in place

Melania wants you

for your seemingly endless amount of money

Your wife wanted to get away

from your oppressive society

You are  a terrible person

I’m hungry

let’s get some food

No, there is no lunch for you

After all you are as big as your nukes

You let other countries’ problems

creep into yours

you waste so much money

fighting useless wars

All countries deny trade  with you

You actions leave your people scavenging

for food like raccoons

Your country is going to fail!

Wait, let’s leave this argument for another day

we can shake hands and pretend it’s okay

Many people are watching us with our eyes

we cannot let them see our despise

 Let’s pretend to negotiate a deal like we usually do

But I will go back to my country

Still hating you


By: Anchy Cho


Most people only see the darkness

And the silenced atmosphere of the night


They miss the beauty of the quiet murmurs

Murmurs of rustling leaves from majestic trees

Silhouetted against the silver bath of moonlight

Swaying from the gentle breeze

Like dancers waltzing to

A soft and peaceful lullaby


They don’t hear the faint call

Of a solitary owl

Or the sweet serenade

Of a lonely nightingale

These creatures of midnight

Singing their soothing berceuse

For us, for the moon, and for the night


Clouds fade in and out of sight

Concealing, then unveiling

The winks of distant stars

And the moon’s luminous glow

The night sky is painted

A deep, calm, inky blue

Like the surface of

A gorgeous lake

That blankets us in peace, quiet, and comfort


This is the beauty of the night

The whispering leaves, the silhouetted trees, the ballad of an isolated bird, the million twinkling stars, the vivid silver moon, the magical spirit

Ode to Captain America

By: Umar Luqman

I saw you

amazed by your might

Strength like a god

And as smart as Batman

When I first saw you

You were as thin as a stick

You were devoted and selfless

You would jump on a grenade for others

Then, like a magikarp, you went

from the weakest to the strongest

But you kept your honor

Gave yourself up to save all else

You lost everything

But then you got a new family

And we kept you

You stayed selfless and just

You kept the Avengers right

Even when it meant being outlaws

You stood up to Thanos

Like a kid standing up to a bully

You did whatever it took

You became as worthy as Thor

But to us you always were

You finally got your dance

And you passed the shield to Sam

We love you 3000

Water and Lava

By: Tiffani Brown and Evelyn Khare

I am water

And I am fire

I am calm

I am violent

I help give life

And I take it away

We are complete opposites

I am bright and easy to read

I am dark and mysterious

I stay the same

And I change in the blink of an eye

But we need each other to survive

I am the crash of the waves outside

And I am the crackle of a bonfire at night

I am cold

And I am warm

I can be a tsunami, dangerous and rough

And I can be a wildfire, destroying everything in my path

We are dangerous

I am necessary to survive, cool and refreshing

And I cook your food, making sure it’s safe

We both are helpful


By: Nikhil Boyalla

Flying at breakneck speed,

I scan the ground below,

Searching for a meal.

A worm suddenly comes to view.

I swoop down,

Scooping the worm into my mouth.

I peacefully glide to my humble abode,

On a grand, majestic tree,

Where my joyful children,

Await their meal.



The tree shakes violently,

As if it were under a flurry of blows.



The tree starts to tilt.

I fly to safety,

My children,

Into the Abyss.

I wonder why we’re friends

By: Arushi Chaturvedi

She’s my best friend

We are not friends!

We do everything together

She’s like a fly  that never leaves you alone


We’re going to hang out today

We’re soo not hanging out today

I wonder when she’ll meet me?

I want her to leave me alone

I wonder where she is?

I’m going to hang out with my cooler friends

This isn’t the first time she’s ditched me

I’ll ditch her like I always do

I wonder why she does that?

I do it because it’s entertaining

She used to be so close to me

I want her to stay as far way as possible!



A Sisters Story

By: Ella Walters & Amelia Valli


Ugh! I have nothing cute in my closet!

Where did that blouse go?

I have nothing to wear!

I can’t wear my Vans!

Where did my Berks go?

I’m leaving in five!

Oh! I can’t wear that sweater again!

Where did that scarf go?

Outside is like a human freezer!

My hair is a rat’s nest!

Where did that curling iron go?

We have to go!

There must be a window open!

Where did my sweatshirt go?

This always happens!

You know who probably has something cute in there closet?

You know who probably took it?



You took my stuff!

But it’s like the clothes are waiting to be taken!

You always do this!

Can you not take my stuff?

It’s like my own personal mall!


Just leave me alone!



By Shaan Bal

Bounce, bounce

The tennis ball bounces

The racket feels rough in my hands

The good ol’ days

The wind whistles by

The tennis rackets went “whack”

Playing tennis

With the boys

The boys and I did not wear


For we were under the hot, bright

Virginian sun

Having fun


Tragedy struck

I had hit the ball

But the ball went awry

Bounce, bounce

But these were not good bounces

For the ball was heading straight

Towards the storm drain