Dogs and Cats are not the same

By: Carter Steadman

I am a dog                                                                            I am a cat

                                        We are total opposites

My owners give me any things       My servants are good at many things

they just built me a new wooden    They always kick me off my throne


I love being scratched                                         I get no sleep

behind the ear                                              When they are near

                                   We have nothing in common

I am grateful for                                          My servants lock me

my wonderful family                                     In my mansion

And all the luxurious food                      With nothing fun to do

I wake up early and                                I sleep late until I am hungry

stalk the colorful birds                           then scream until my cry is heard

I only dislike the vet                                This “vet” is an twisted person

Who puts stuff in my arm              That tortures fellow creatures

                     Well, maybe one thing in common

But you’ll find

That despite our differences

                         We are both equally great pets