Walking Through the Woods

By: Eric Trinh


The wind whistling through the trees,

blowing me toward the ground.

Twisting, turning, and tumbling,

slowly going down.

I can feel i’m reaching near death.

Remembering I was born greener than every tree in the forest,

turning brown as the ground itself.

I’m trying to reach the air again,

so it can blow me to anywhere I desire.

That is only a dream now.

Reaching near death,

I’m slowly starting to lose sight.

I suddenly hear the wind again.

This wind doesn’t sound the same as before.


As I hear the sound coming closer,

it pushed me vigorously on top of others.

Everyone gets pushed into a bag that has the darkest of a black hole.

Now I can finally rest.

The wind is only a dream again.




By: Sidd Ravi

Black clouds have taken over the sky

shining so bright, and the ground wet with the

ground wet with the coming of night. White

streaks of lightning came down

on the ground with a boom and everything

seemed to look like the inside of a dark room.

Small drops of water began to fall faster,

and had flooded the new wet plaster.

Soon after the sun began to peek

through the gray clouds, and the birds come

out of the trees in crowds. The flowers bloom

with colors like a rainbow, and the storm had

now passed.

An Angel Without Wings

By: Diya Parikh

She stretches her arms out,

Of this cage called world,

Staring up at the sky,

Knowing that she was meant to fly,

The stars peak out from the clear night sky,

They were a thousand diamonds to the little girls eye,

The cool nights breeze tickled her feet,

For she knew the spirits were dancing to a beat,

Her wings will grow,

Like the universe a long time ago,

For beautiful creatures cannot be confined,

Everything will be alright with a little time,

Once again she looked up at the night sky,

Like a kid does to apple pie,

As she tasted her cold, salty tears,

She hoped to not have to wait for years,

The girl wiped her eyes,

And was taken by surprise,

Her wings had grown back,

And was dancing in the sky

Day on the Beach

By: Keira Nguyen


Her eyes flutered open

Hands reaching over to turn off the alarm

She sits up in her bed yawning

Her legs swing over

Landing on the rough, white carpet

She walks over to the closet

Changing her outfit

Then walking out the door to her car

The car door slams shut behind her

As she drives off towards the beach,

Speeding by the millions of stores and buildings

When she arrives at her destination

Her tires screech under her,

Scraping against the cold, hard gravel

She gets out of the car

Walking slowly towards the beach

Feeling the warm sand on her feet

She sets her belongings down

Running towards the ocean

Soon jumping in as if it was drawing her in

Tasting the salty, cold water around her

Hours later she gets out,

The rough sand against her feet once again

Picking up her belongings,

Then walking towards her car

The drive home wasn’t long enough

As she entered the door

The stench of alcohol reaching her nose

Screams rang throughout the house

Until it became dead silent

Ode To Lacrosse

By: Nate Murphy

The game brings me joy

on and off the field

the brotherhood

last forever

like a fraternity

the love

to compete

drives me endlessly

the game is life

the connections and

friends made

become as close as family

the intense atmosphere

drives me to be perfect

the appearance of the goal

is as beautiful as a sunset

the crowd maneuvers

like ocean waves

when the game is

on the line

I want the ball

in my hands

cool as a cucumber

the game is a constant

people come and go

but the game is forever


By: Stephen Wojciech

As the majestic sunset dims away

and as today will soon be yesterday

I stand with nature between me

nature as beautiful as it can be

An exotic smell of pine

the flowers smell just as fine

And to think

why people pollute this world

with empty drinks

People should stop

and take a thought

littering this world they should not

because nature can’t be bought

It is priceless

this generation we live in

is like an empty world with only silence

and now we are in a disastrous crisis

I can hear the trees yelling

screaming as people yell “Timber!!!”

for they’re getting chopped up and used for lumber

I beg you to save

and I thank you for those who gave

and all those who obeyed

for we are not ready to bury the wilderness in a grave



The Desolate Tundra

By: Varun R.

I stand in the bitter cold as my teeth chatter in this desolate wasteland

I look towards the mountains glazed with snow with ruptures throughout the ground

When it turns to night I slither to a crack under my tent to preserve heat

As I wake up the climate becomes absolute zero and it is deadly to go outside

On how I wish I could be home snuggled under sheets while watching T.V

I go outside to try to find food, which has been depleted since I got here

I can’t open my mouth as it is frozen like an icicle

I crawl through the white snow as my legs start to give up

I lay in the snow with no feeling of getting back up

I manage to gain an ounce of strength and propel forward

I slump back to my tent and wait for the next day to begin

Welcome to the tundra



The Seasons of the Year

By: Afdhal Nizamudeen


Flowers start to bloom

Spring will pilot the wind to us

The day is pleasant


A glistering day

The sun’s rays shined like a bright light

Green is all around


Trees shake their leaves off

Leaves jumping into a leaf pile

Kids are raking leaves


Cold is everywhere

Sliding through the cracks in each house

Shining white snow falls

Baseball Vs Soccer

By: Willem and Mason

I am a baseball player                                  I am a soccer player

I love playing sports

I hit a baseball                                                I kick a soccer ball

I love practicing this sport

Everyday I work hard to be better    Everyday I train to be faster and -stronger

I always want to get better

Playing baseball is the light of my day    Soccer is the air I breathe

Sports make us happy

Playing baseball is as fun as a kid on his birthday   Playing soccer is as- fun as a dog playing with a bone

This sport is fun

I can’t wake up without baseball        I can’t sleep without soccer

This sport is our life

Without baseball                                          Without soccer

I don’t have a life




When Doth the Sun Shine Again

By: Anahi Padilla

I lay, I die,
in my grave down below
my grave of hate and red and loss
bereaved of Your Grace’s
heavenly rays

I lay, I wither,
strapped to the cotton and fabric by cold sweat
unable to free myself from chains and thorns
my dreams, my hopes, my train,
they bleed
fears and tears now corse my veins

I lay, I perish,
Darkness my permanent tormenter
his grip knifes of fire
my tears my prayers
that I ask of Your Priest
but The Moon never answers

I lay, I die,
with false promises of the light

When doth Your Grace Shine again

O’ please, O’ Lord,
I await your call
to escape The Dark,
to breathe again

O’ please, O’ Lord,
Insomnia plagues your children

O’ Please, O’ Lord,
save the ones who worship

The Sun