By: Kaurvaki Bajpai


Stress slowly consumed me, gnawing at my mind.

But it disappeared like a cry into the wind.

I was in paradise.


Ocean breeze gently blew the hair from my illuminating eyes.

Barren land stood in front of me.  Fluffy, cotton-like

clouds slowly drifted away like tumbleweeds.


Colors of the sky and hints of teal shimmered

from the great, vast ocean. Untamed

rays scorched my skin.


Running at the speed of light, I reached the forgiving water.

The icy, arctic elements cooled me in an instant.

Deeper and deeper I went, but the waves were resilient

and pushed back. Water splashed and sploshed around my neck.


Majestic birds flew gracefully into the sky, echoing their song of freedom.

Stunned, breath escaped my mouth.

I was in paradise.