Walking Through the Woods

By: Eric Trinh


The wind whistling through the trees,

blowing me toward the ground.

Twisting, turning, and tumbling,

slowly going down.

I can feel i’m reaching near death.

Remembering I was born greener than every tree in the forest,

turning brown as the ground itself.

I’m trying to reach the air again,

so it can blow me to anywhere I desire.

That is only a dream now.

Reaching near death,

I’m slowly starting to lose sight.

I suddenly hear the wind again.

This wind doesn’t sound the same as before.


As I hear the sound coming closer,

it pushed me vigorously on top of others.

Everyone gets pushed into a bag that has the darkest of a black hole.

Now I can finally rest.

The wind is only a dream again.




By: Kaurvaki Bajpai


Stress slowly consumed me, gnawing at my mind.

But it disappeared like a cry into the wind.

I was in paradise.


Ocean breeze gently blew the hair from my illuminating eyes.

Barren land stood in front of me.  Fluffy, cotton-like

clouds slowly drifted away like tumbleweeds.


Colors of the sky and hints of teal shimmered

from the great, vast ocean. Untamed

rays scorched my skin.


Running at the speed of light, I reached the forgiving water.

The icy, arctic elements cooled me in an instant.

Deeper and deeper I went, but the waves were resilient

and pushed back. Water splashed and sploshed around my neck.


Majestic birds flew gracefully into the sky, echoing their song of freedom.

Stunned, breath escaped my mouth.

I was in paradise.


The First Time

By: Sanjana Annapureddy

The first time I went to a concert,

I was thirteen

The sun was slowly setting, creating a rainbow colored sky

There was a slight breeze brushing past us,

picking up everyone’s excitement and carrying it through the air

Finally, the singer came on stage

A jolt of anticipation went through my body

The arena roared with adrenaline

and you could hear the strumming of the guitar,

the low notes ringing through the crowd

signaling the beginning of the song.

The music echoed a spark,

and as his powerful voice filled the atmosphere around us,

people screamed the lyrics and danced the entire night.

The Best Forest

By: Arnav Tiwari

The rainforest contained luminous flowers,

With animals very diverse.

The long trees shadowed the grounds like towers,

The elegant waters were where the otters immerse.

When travelers arrived from various places,

The spider monkeys began their treetop races.

Snakes slithered around the large rocks,

Watching the sky for any hungry hawks.

The rainy environment hosted many homes,

Which could eventually expand to an even greater biome.

The travelers came to experience wonders,

And ended up with roaring thunders.

but with the trip came lots more things

the visitors got to see what nature brings.

The rainforest is just one of the places,

like the Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower.

A destination part of the world spaces,

where travelers get to see colorful flowers.


Hope & Dread

Hope                                                                                                                                                                                   Dread

Eyes eager

Eyes anxious

Hands clenched

Hands trembling

Body restless

Body limp

I cannot wait

Voice feverish in excitement

Voice silent in fear

Faces bright like the sun on a summer morning

Faces withdrawn like a flower without sunlight

I can’t wait for the what’s to come

I’m not ready for what’s to come

What will the results be?

I am a caring teacher

I am a harsh mentor

My rewards are bountiful

My realities are painful

I am a chance

I am a gamble

I can fulfill

I can destroy

Are we worth it?

By: Lily Kang

The Snowball

Outside it is freezing cold,

So I feel quite bold.

This time I will ensure a story is told.

The wind is whistling,

The snow is glistening.

It is my time to shine.

I load myself back,

Ready to attack.

At last, I shoot straight up.

I finally land inside a cup,

It is in the shape of a pup.

But then I slowly melt away,

I have no more time to play.

I once more say goodbye,

And in this warmth of the cup I cry,

Melting away as I die.


New Life

By Emma Stopper

The first time my world changed

The crowd jostling me

My head was swarming

with new opportunities

The quick city

Made my thoughts


Conversations fly past

Rent, roommates, romance

Dozens of bodies

hurrying past

Their whole lives

happening in front of me

loud and quiet

old and young

I know everyone’s story

and no one knows


Bright billboards surround me

and when I look away

Their messages remain

A bright reminder

of a city that’s

hard to forget

I’m standing here on a whim

A split second decision

A new branch on a tree

Nerves overcome the excitement of the city

I could go home

Leave the rush

But fate leads my feet

My first step

Into a new life

was onto a crowded sidewalk

And the sidewalk listened

to my hopes

It captured each one

And remembered it

With the millions of others

Who stood there, before

Ode To Noodles

By: Andre W. Choi

I love you

You are saucy

I want to chew you like I chew bubble gum,


You are wet like my shots

Your soup is like the Sun,

It warms me up

It makes me want to gulp you up

I want to eat you

With Kimchi

With more noodles

You are hot like lava

You make me sweat

From nervousness

You are the perfect one

You melt in my mouth like Ice Cream

I can feel you wiggling in my mouth

You are spicy

I can eat you anytime

Morning, yum

Night, yum

You are the best

You are nice

I love you,

You are like the love of my life

The Lonely Road

By: Rachel Najjar

As I look around

I see families, friends, and couples

All together

Loving, laughter, and smiling

But when I look at my own reflection

I only see a broken heart written on me

As I walk down this lonely road

The aromatic of ash clogs up my nose

My vision,

One clear,

Is now clouded

As well as my judgement

My heart beats ever so low

All I hear is a whimper for help

I finally arrive

To the only place

That never brought me sorrow

The ice cream parlor

Open till midnight

The place that brings joy to young lovers

But to me

It’s a place I’ll never forget

I sit in the same spot

As he and I once did

I still eat the same flavor

But now

All I taste is my own bitter regret

I run outside in tears

My whole life split in half

I feel like my heart just got ripped out

Ever since you left me

My heart has been colder than dry ice

You left me without any warning

Like a sprinter launching off to start

I don’t know what to do

I guess I never will

Black Hole

By: Esther Yu

A black hole, endlessly sucking you in

Like a deep, dark pit

Waiting for you to stumble and fall

To catch you with its heavy grasp

Dark ribbons strangle you with their icy grip

Unable to reach for air

A breath, out of sight

And shivering in the frigid frost

Fingers and toes numb

A tremulous body to time

Desperately crying for anyone, anything

As you are entangled

In the depths of anxiousness