“The Foxes in the Yard”

By: Rishi Borra


Out in the forest,

where the air smells of fresh greens

are two small foxes,

playing, running, and chasing

each other’s orange glow.


They’re the color of the sun,

and act like binary stars

revolving around each other

’till they find another.


The tails are bushier and denser

than the undergrowth of the forest,

and they look like a whip of flame.


Their feet like a scorched branch

almost like

their lash had burned them charcoal.

Yet they are stronger and faster

than a human’s clumsy feet

and protect them from the devil in the sky

the mighty eagle’s golden beak.


And the foxes brain,

as clever as a human

outwitting the predator & prey

with quicker decisions than a rocket’s red flare


Those two foxes, out in the free

pouncing at two birds that watch with glee.

So don’t underestimate the fox

‘cuz if you come too close to see

it will be frightened by you,

and you might make three.