By: Maritza Baptiste


I feel the rain wash over me as I watch my colors fade

I feel the memory embrace me with songs of my past days

I know we must keep walking onward we must go

But leaving time behind is not easy I should know

For some it is abundant but I never seem to have

You’d never know it’s something that can only pull or grab

I want to be rid of this fever but I just can’t seem to shake 

The villainous evil that only wants to take

I feel it closing in on me like walls nearer by the day

And as much as I wish it just won’t go away

I plead and I plead I beg and I beg

I think it must be better to be dead

I feel the water falling faster as it goes

I mustn’t carry on like this I know I know I know

The only thing to do now

The only thing I know

Is wipe my tears and blow my nose

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