The Effects of Middle School

By: Ronit Malhotra and Areeb Khan

6th Graders                                                                                                                                     

8th Graders

5th grade was out of this world!

                                                          7th grade was an avalanche that suffocated me.

Fortnite! Fortnite! Fortnite!

                                                            Fortnite’s dead.

I’m a big kid now?


Some kids “like” each other.

Some kids are dating.

I hope I’m a “cool” kid.

I don’t care if I’m cool.

No recess?

What’s recess?

I have lunch at 12:00.

I have lunch at 1:30.

I’m hungry.

Middle school will be a thrilling expedition.

High school will be the end of me.

I have a tower of homework!

I’m not doing my homework.

So much work.

You wanna have a play date at the library?

You wanna hang at my place?

We have a test today. I studied 24/7!

We have a test today?

They have soda for lunch!

Switch is trash.

Things are changing.

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