Let’s Start Making Quality Comments!

As a volunteer commenter, I’ve been busy this weekend buzzing from one student blog to another. As I crisscrossed the country reading over blog posts, I met a few student bloggers whose blogs are visit-worthy. Besides, who doesn’t love to start a conversation with someone new!?

Check out Quinn’s blog for a quick list of what it takes to leave a quality comment. In addition, spend a moment admiring the beautiful sunset that adorns his home page.

Stop by Mikayala’s blog and read about her life-long passion for baseball!

Meet Ms. Tabata’s 4th and 5th grade gifted students from Coquitlam, BC Canada, who created a word cloud to showcase the key components of quality commenting.

If you’re passionate about pandas, rush over to Meg’s blog and discover a like-minded blogger. I was particularly impressed by Meg’s customization of her avatar; she added a panda and Canadian flag to personalize her cartooned persona.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand, but you couldn’t afford the flight. Why not visit a New Zealander instead? Michelle’s Awesome Blog features a Mona Lisa smiling avatar (you’ll have to visit to understand). Plus, I love her teacher’s questions of the week. In them, I discovered Michelle wants to take up surfing in sunny Australia or Hawaii!

Finally, I skipped over to Breckan’s Blog, where I found a game-faced, basketball playing avatar and a really cool interpretation of this week’s commenting assignment. Not only did Breckan visit and comment on a few blogs, but she also took a screen shot of her comments to demonstrate how to start a quality conversation.

I can’t close out this post without urging you to visit Sheridan’s Showplace. Mrs. Sheridan and I both teach Communications classes here at River Bend MS, and we’re each so proud of our classrooms brimming with talented writers. Do stop by Sheridan’s Showplace and visit her student bloggers.

This rounds out Week Two of #SBC19. No matter what week we’re in, get out there and start conversations by commenting! 🙂

Mrs. Rombach

PS – I tried the free version of easel.ly to make my first infographic, and I must say that while I’m not yet a professional infographic designer, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. What I liked best about this particular site is that it gives even free users the ability to copy an embed code. Other sites require a costly premium upgrade, but this one keeps it user friendly for all of us budget-watching teachers. 🙂 Here’s mine:

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Start Making Quality Comments!

  1. Hello Mrs. Rombach!
    I really like the picture you put as your background! Forest and mountains seem like a very nice and calm theme to have! I absolutely LOVE your content and your “How to Leave Quality Comments” picture is amazing! The eye- catching colors and black letters really stand out and it caught my eye as I was scrolling. Come check out my blog at Milky Ways With Words!

  2. Good morning Ms. Rombach,

    Wow! Amazing post! I love that you highlighted other bloggers plus wrote an excellent post on commenting! Your biteable video is amazing. Great job!

    What do you like best about teaching communications classes?

    student blogging challenge commenter

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