The Desolate Tundra

By: Varun R.

I stand in the bitter cold as my teeth chatter in this desolate wasteland

I look towards the mountains glazed with snow with ruptures throughout the ground

When it turns to night I slither to a crack under my tent to preserve heat

As I wake up the climate becomes absolute zero and it is deadly to go outside

On how I wish I could be home snuggled under sheets while watching T.V

I go outside to try to find food, which has been depleted since I got here

I can’t open my mouth as it is frozen like an icicle

I crawl through the white snow as my legs start to give up

I lay in the snow with no feeling of getting back up

I manage to gain an ounce of strength and propel forward

I slump back to my tent and wait for the next day to begin

Welcome to the tundra



2 thoughts on “The Desolate Tundra

  1. I loved the accurate representation and figurative language. In lines 8-end the poem was very depressed and used great figurative language to convey it, but then you got hope again in the last 2 lines.

  2. I like the imagery, such as “I can’t open my mouth as it is frozen like an icicle” it really puts a picture in my kind

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