Hello everyone! I have decided to share one of my stories that I wrote with you! This story is based off of a real life thing that happened to me. Of course, I made the story a little(or a lot) more dramatic than it actually was by using onomatopoeia and strong & enticing words. This is just part one of the story since I haven’t finished writing it yet.

Part One

Darric abruptly sat up in his bed, while the wind clashed against the trees outside. The tree smashed against his bedroom window, forming an obnoxiously loud BANG! Darric jumped out of his skin, almost falling off his queen sized mattress. Darric would toss and turn, never getting comfortable, never falling asleep. His body felt burning hot under the blankets, yet freezing cold at the same time. Darric threw the sheets off of himself, resulting in the heat disappearing, but as the heat left, the cold swooped in and increased tenfold. All he could feel was the freezing air in his room, sending shivers down his spine and then all was quiet. The wind’s cries grew silent, the consistent noise of the bathroom fan faded away, the snores of his older brother in the room next to him stopped, leaving only Darric.

From the silence, came a sound. Just a little sound, the sound of what seemed to be a beat, his heart beat. THUMP. THUMP. THUUMP. Darric stiffened, that wasn’t right, he thought. The sound was being prolonged each and every second he heard it. THUUUMP. THUUUMMP. THUUUUMMP. As he listened to the steady beats, he could not comprehend what he was feeling. The thumping grew louder with every second he spent in his bed, and with it, came something he did not expect, pain. It felt like it was splitting his head open, so Darric laid in bed, silently wishing the noise would go away. His affliction would not leave, no matter what he did, banging his head against the bed, smacking his hand against his ear, he would have to deal with this problem. Suddenly, the room didn’t seem so quiet anymore.

It was like the sound was in the room, controlling the silence and reversing it. Darric sat up on his bed, before he let his feet touch the fuzzy and rough carpet that filled his room. As he stood up on his wobbly legs, he held onto the door frame while the darkness of his room blinded him. He tripped out of the room, his feet getting caught in the carpet as he stumbled blindly in the darkness. He made his way to which he believed led to his parents room and with each step he took, the pounding in his ear only increased tenfold. He finally made it to his destination, gently pushing the door open. He tiptoed to the best of his ability into his parents room.

When he entered the room, he found the bathroom light on. He trekked over to the bathroom, shielding his eyes from the light. “Cathie?” He whispered to his step-mom. As she turned to face him, Darric’s father walked out of the closet. “Honey, what are you doing out of bed?” His step-mom asked with a concerned look on her face. “I- I can’t sleep. My left ear h-hurts.” Darric said, his eyes watering as he clutched his throbbing ear. His step-mom reached out and combed his hair affectionately. “Alright sweetie, we’ll check your ear in the morning. Now, you should get some sleep.”

Darric reluctantly trudged back to his room. He buried himself under the covers, ready to suffer through the night. He found himself unable to sleep again. His ear pained him too much. It hurt so much that he soon realized that there were tears streaming down his face. He couldn’t bear to just lay there the whole night. Once again, he hopped out of bed, sweat trickling down his face.

That’s all for Part One of my story! I hope you enjoyed this short distraction. I hope that this took your mind off of the current situation at hand with COVID-19 and stuff. Stay safe out there!

Drawing Addict out~

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