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Technology is evolving so quickly that it’s not just about utility一 tech is becoming a fashion. Everywhere you go there’s always someone scrolling through their messages on a Google watch, or AirPods hooked on someone’s ear as their walking by. Wearable technology is trending fast, and as long as more people wear it, the more risks that are spread.

Companies are having a harder and harder time keeping up within consumer security as more people buy wearable technology. The ‘cloud’ might seem like a friendly home for back-ups and storage, but it can be a dangerous place of personal devices. Wearable technology is, of course, very resourceful for daily needs such as tracking fitness or listening to music. Yet, these IoT (internet of things) devices can be stripped away by hackers in the cloud. IoT devices are devices that can transport data without the help of humans or computers. Personal information from these wearables are targeted by hackers or can even be seen by connected networking groups of the technology company. It is important to protect your activity history from reaching strangers.


Most of the time, there is access to unlink your wearable tech from cloud, so use that option when setting these devices up! Another risk to consider is location sharing on wearable technology. Please, turn off any access of a device to your location, and double check if your device is already pinpointing your location as a default!

Companies are working on encryption in order to protect consumers from having their data exposed to other companies and the public. Encryption translates personal data to code that outsiders can’t fathom. There is improvement in security measures, but not too much. This is why you have to take the step to secure yourself!