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It’s never too early to consider what you want to be when you grow up. Evidently, doctors have been asking us this very question since elementary school. For me personally, the answer changed yearly, growing more and more realistic as the years went by. If you’re thinking about jumping into the pool of technology related careers, highly consider cybersecurity. Cybersecurity workers are the superheroes behind the stage; they defend IT systems exposed to attack and rescue companies from villainous downfalls. Being heroes of the IT world, you’d think that more people are interested in pursuing this field, but the numbers say otherwise. Intel Security claims “There will be 1 million to 2 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide by 2019”. The widest scarcity is shown towards cybersecurity skills in comparison to other IT jobs, leaving firms at risk for being overridden by hackers. So many people in this generation are choosing careers related to computers, so why not fight off the bad guys while you’re at it?


Finding protection for even the best software system is tough─ this is where cybersecurity comes in. Apparently, more people need to dive into the intrusion detection area of cybersecurity; there is a serious shortage of these skills. These workers suspect unusual behavior in the company’s systems and try to prevent any damage from it. Other talents include network monitoring and risk mitigation. In a nutshell, risk mitigators pinpoint certain areas in the system that are prone to more risk than others and provide protection. Network monitors catch the mischievous stalkers hiding behind holes in the computer system.  Hackers are creepy enough to stalk a company for months through a fault in the system, waiting to attack when the company least expects it.

Cybersecurity might be the field title, but there are so many other roles encompassed in this field that can be great for you to pursue. With all these bad guys out there, we need more cybersecurity experts to spring into action! It’s never too early to start thinking about your future. Technology is evolving tremendously in the hands of companies and teens like us. Unfortunately, these advancements are giving hackers something more to play with. Take a chance; try a path that might help save lives一the lives of living and breathing companies!