Reselling and Entrepreneurship Club: With Some Luck, Make Big Bucks

Freedom High School has a large variety of clubs, but very few offer the rare opportunity to profit. Seniors Paolo Romano and Jack Larmer founded Reselling and Entrepreneurship Club with the intentions of allowing students of all backgrounds, ages and experience levels to do just that. With the help of sponsor John Cunningham, Romano and […]

“Frozen 2” Review: Let it Go or Dive Into the Unknown?

Spoiler Warning: This article contains minor spoilers. Mysterious voices, hidden forests and elemental spirits teased a more-than-ready family friendly audience for “Frozen 2.” In addition, seven new songs were added to this wintry franchise. The movie opens during Arendelle’s fall festival, showcasing a happy kingdom and closer than ever sisters. However, this merry band is […]

The Holidays Feel Different — Here’s Why

December typically brings joy and cheer as the various holidays are right around the corner, but in high school, students can have a different outlook. External pressures can create a less positive environment throughout the days leading into to winter break.  “There’s been a lot of other distractions with sports to make Christmas my priority,” […]

Having a Piece of Mind During the Holiday Season

The weeks leading up to the holiday season becomes very hectic with the combination of test and projects due before leaving for break and all else that comes with the holiday season. During this stressful time of year, it is very important to take time to relax and enjoy the season. Living in the present […]

The Stress with Holiday Homework

The holiday season is upon Freedom High School, and with that also comes the massive time crunch between Thanksgiving and winter break. Third quarter is nefarious for its stressful amounts of homework which are expected to be completed in the awkward three week period, and this is affecting mental health and the overall tone of […]

Making Ribbons For The Right Cause

For the past two weeks leading up to Dec. 20, multiple clubs have taken time to support the Freedom High School DECA chapter by making ribbons for the upcoming Gold Rush game. FHS DECA has combined with multiple other clubs this year for their annual community service project, the Gold Rush game. The game takes […]

Freedom Falls to Battlefield

On Friday, Dec. 6, the FHS boys varsity basketball team played against Battlefield High School for their third game of the season. The theme of the game was a white out, and students from all grades came out to cheer on the team. Freedom had a strong start, with the score being 19-12 at the […]

The Need for Everyday Diplomacy

It is where Model UN delegates rise and fall: the unmoderated caucus. Some delegates cut off others to get a point in in front of the judge, while others choose to run quieter operations as they pick off others to form a smaller group. Some delegates choose to write down the ideas of others to […]

Freedom XC Places 3rd in States

Each intake of breath brings an icy chill as they pump their legs, adrenaline boosting their speed. They burst through the trees, racing to the finish line. The cheering crowd roars in their ears as they cross, finishing strong. Freedom cross country gave it their best with the varsity boys placing third, and varsity girls […]

Inclusive Schools week recap

During Dec. 2 – 6, Freedom celebrated Inclusive Schools week. Freedom HOPE club and Unified Sports sponsored many events throughout the week with the special education students at Freedom. Inclusive Schools week works to make sure students feel included, and gives them a chance to be represented and celebrated within the school. The week started […]

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