For FHS Boys’ Varsity Basketball, It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

After finishing last year 20-12 and being state runner ups to Murray High School, the boys’ varsity basketball team is looking to make another run at states. FHS had a rocky start to their first four games going 1-3, winning the first game against Tuscora by a score of 67-48. FHS leading scorer was senior […]

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Current Media Shapes Our Future

Through social media and pop culture, various TV shows and movies have gained popularity among teenage groups, including the students at FHS. Many of these shows portray a specific occupation as the basis of the plot line such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Criminal Minds” and “Making a Murderer.” Although these shows do not show the reality […]

Snow Days Are Adding Up for FHS Students

As the end of the quarter comes upon FHS, one thing many students did not anticipate was having more break after winter break, but snow days surprised everyone and even caused some issues. Typically when student’s get the call from Wade Byard, social media explodes with excitement, but with these snow days being so dangerously […]

FHS Students Build Relationships Through YoungLife

Students at Freedom High School are creating strong connections through YoungLife, a Christian Organization founded in 1941 that is made for teenagers to practice fellowship and grow with others who share the same faith as them.   Through this welcoming organization, many students have grown to have a sense of belonging and kinship. “My favorite part […]

Ice, Ice Baby

On Jan. 10, Freedom High School’s hockey team faced off against Woodgrove at the ION center in Leesburg. The Freedom Frenzy showed up in full force, sporting jerseys for the jersey out. It was also senior night, where the six senior boys on the team, Nick Howe, Andrew Kotecki, Christian Barrett, Jack Murray, Kael Pope […]

Volunteer Hour Requirement Does Not Encompass Intristic Reason for Service

Being well rounded is the one of many goals high school students push to achieve in order to pursue their dreams of getting into college. Feeling the need to take part in extracurriculars, sports, AP classes and various other commitments including community service, students strive to follow the popular belief that it is vital to […]

If You Can’t Bear the Thought of Losing Koalas, Here’s What to Do

More than one billion animals have been killed by the Australian fires. While mild, natural bushfires in Australia are familiar to the nation’s diverse group of wildlife, Australia has never seen fires at this large of a scale or this early in the year. When this nation is home to species that can’t live sustainably […]

Nothing New: Freedom Wrestling’s Winning Tradition

On Jan. 8, FHS wrestlers beat Rockridge by a score of 68-9. All season long, FHS wrestling has dominated at tournaments, placing multiple wrestlers on the podium. On Dec. 14, 2019, FHS won a fifth consecutive LCPS Championship placing 11 out of 14 weight classes. FHS also racked up a whopping 199 points to defeat […]

Life After the Holidays

The holiday season has officially come to an end, and that leaves some students with a gigantic concern: what to do now? As 2020 has officially begun, many holidays have been left behind in 2019, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even though this can be viewed as a fresh start, like New Years resolutions, […]

Spending Winter Break in Great Britain

There are many great places to spend winter break, but perhaps the most unique and exhilarating is Great Britain. Consisting of England, Scotland and Wales, this European island boasts some of the most exciting tourist attractions. The first place I’d like to highlight is London. England’s capital has an array of spectacles, all within a […]

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