Green with envy

My old dance team was a called green. In most dances we were overlooked they thought we couldn’t do anything. Once the higher people left it was almost like our group was the highest. Once I left I never realized that it was the case. Once I left an amazing new coach came in from LA and made my whole entire team so talented along with the studio. I wanted the training they were getting so that I could improve too. On social media I saw all of them having so much fun and all the cool tricks that they could do now. To be quite honest I was jealous. I also regret not staying there at the studio. I mean my team became the stars there and were winning competition after competition. My mom told me if you want to go back we could be it is up to you. I was not sure what to do since I did not want it to seem like I was crawling back to the studio. I envious of my old green team and I wanted to be back there dancing with them.

Image result for jealous dogs

(I felt like a helpless dog who could not do anything anymore.)

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