Hope: SOL

Have you ever lost hope in something, well I have a lot of times. I have also made some of my hopes a reality by working hard for them. In elementary school a lot of kids used to make fun of me for not having a gaming pc, well I worked really hard to get one.

I got all 4’s and I got prizes many times for getting all perfect grades. My parents were a bit skeptical about getting me a gaming pc at first because they thought that I was just going to play games all the time instead of doing school work. I told them I was not going to do that I also told them that if I was doing that then they should take away all my stuff and they should not give it back to me. After that they agreed, for the first time in forever I had something to call my own. So basically what I am trying to tell you is that do what you want to do but do it in a way by making your parents proud of you. That’s all for today and guys remember to always in any situation StayChill.

Also if you want to try and solve this riddle then do so, let’s see how smart you are.  What is a ghosts most hated room in your house?

If you got the answer comment down below, see you guys and girls later.

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