Which one do you choose?

Christmas: SOL: Poem

Christmas is awesome

Christmas is a possum

Christmas is a poem

Christmas is so cool,you show em

Christmas is going away in one day

Christmas oh Christmas, you should really stay

Christmas is awesome in many different ways

Christmas has left and I am very sad

Christmas was the best and now it feels so bad

Christmas is a buddy, it will show you the way

Christmas is a is so fun it will make you say yay

Christmas is Christmas and lets show santa you say hooray


What is Better?

Poetry Friday/SOL

Poems are a road of twist and turn

Poems are a road of no return

Poems can be wise or poems can be soft

Poems can rise or poems can be on a loft

Poems can make you quiver

Poems can make you drop

Poems are the life of creativity at its peak,

Oh no it’s a flop!

Poems can can have fun

Poems can be on the run

Poems can be a lion

Poems can be written in a place named zion.

Poems are a source

Poems are remorse

Poems are a happy song

Poems can be made wrong

Poems are many different things for many different people but everyone knows one thing about poems, poems are just poems.

Feeling: Poetry

Your mind transcends into a parallel universe
Your body bends into a metamorphosis and changes you
The light at the end of the street turns on
The guy on the news is just a con
For in your mind you are not yourself
You are another person that is living in a world of twist and turn
Your brother goes into the city of no return, you go into the village where the sun burns
Your sandwich falls on the street and there is no sauce left for you to eat
But instantly it fills with water and makes it self into a monster and eats you alive
But you make it out by cutting it with a sword
For in your mind you are a god, someone that cannot get hurt or injured
You are the person people look up to and make dolls out of
Because you are a human, a being and you need to make yourself feel better
You are a child the most precious of all

Fortnite vs PUBG

Fortnite vs PUBG is a very popular argument, some people have taken this so far that they have made official declarations on this topic. What do I think well it is very complicated and it also depends on what taste you have and also what you are looking for in a game. PUBG is the acronym for Players Unknown BattleGrounds, it was made before fortnite so yes PUBG did not copy fortnite. Also if you want a more realistic type of battle royale game then I would definitely tell you to go get PUBG. It is a more realistic game and you have better graphics, do not get me wrong but I do think that fortnite is a bit cartoony. Now Fortnite’s side of the story, fortnite is a battle royale game that has a more cartoony approach to the platform. Because of this cartoony platform more parents allow their kids to play this game because they know that there is no actual blood and dieing effects. Also fortnite has two modes you can play in the obvious mode I was talking about and there is a mode called save the world mode where you are teamed up with 3 other people and you and a couple of other people are alive and the storm has taken away or made the other humans extinct. The upside of fortnite is that fortnite is free at least the battle royale version is free the save the world version is not free. In the end I like them both and I am not in favor of either one. Well that’s it for today guys, please comment down below what other blog post’s you want, most likely I will reply and do that blog post. Also please consider following me and liking the blog post’s, and guys always remember to StayChill.

Hope: SOL

Have you ever lost hope in something, well I have a lot of times. I have also made some of my hopes a reality by working hard for them. In elementary school a lot of kids used to make fun of me for not having a gaming pc, well I worked really hard to get one.

I got all 4’s and I got prizes many times for getting all perfect grades. My parents were a bit skeptical about getting me a gaming pc at first because they thought that I was just going to play games all the time instead of doing school work. I told them I was not going to do that I also told them that if I was doing that then they should take away all my stuff and they should not give it back to me. After that they agreed, for the first time in forever I had something to call my own. So basically what I am trying to tell you is that do what you want to do but do it in a way by making your parents proud of you. That’s all for today and guys remember to always in any situation StayChill.

Also if you want to try and solve this riddle then do so, let’s see how smart you are.  What is a ghosts most hated room in your house?

If you got the answer comment down below, see you guys and girls later.


I am tired, I am very tired, I need to sleep right now but too bad I can’t. I also want to eat something because I did not eat anything so I am really hungry. I also want to go home and I also do not want to write this blog. I know I am sounding very boring write now but we all just came back after 2 days of snow days and spring break starts tomorrow and it is 8:50 in the morning, so, keep up with me here. Let’s talk about my racing simulator, I have ordered my racing wheel and pedals, I have ordered my Xbox One S Forza Horizon 3 edition to play the games on and I have also ordered Assetto Corsa, if you do not know what that is it is basically Forza Motorsport but better. A lot of people make fun of me for liking cars, they say that I act like a little kid and that only 5 year old’s like cars. What I say to that is do what you want, you can never change anybody’s mind about what they are thinking, but you can not let what people think ruin the things that you like, if everybody loved the same thing nobody would be special and you would all have the same thinking, so pursue what you want to pursue in life and enjoy it. Well that’s all for today and remember to always in any situation StayChill.

Blog Blog

This is the blog…..

My life is one of the greatest ones in the world, at least that’s what I think. I have a very good family and I can never ask anymore from them. I am also very grateful that my family is fortunate enough to have a nice home and actually eat food and water. I also want to thank all my teacher for teaching me so much and making me a fine, well maybe not that much but a good person. A lot of people say that you get influenced by the people that you are by or live by. I definitely think that is true, I always choose my friends in a very particular way, what I do is I test the people that are around me. I usually see what their intentions are and I also ask them what they want to do in the future. I think that is a peculiar way how people react when I ask them that. Some people make a joke and make me laugh, some people tell me the actual intentions that they want to do. I always wonder how people can tell or store the amount of information that comes in our head. To get a 5tb hard drive it will cost you a lot of money, if you want the exact specs watch out for a blog post about that,( Hint, Hint). I am very happy about my life and I am also very  happy about how people are nice to me, of course not everybody will be nice to me and that is just life and looks like I am just going to have to get over it. Well I think this is 100 words if it is not then looks like that I am going to get an F. Even though I really do not want to stop I have to, well bye and I hope you will have a good day, and always remember to StayChill.  

Oh, My, APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple is making headphones, like headphones, it should not be making headphones and here’s why. Apple is a very successful company so it would only make sense that it would make its own headphones, right? No, it’s not because I am not an apple fan, which I am, it’s because it would not make sense. So let me explain it to you, Apple is a company that owns a company called beats, it used to belong to a person called Dr.Dre. The company beats is a company that specializes in making headphones and earphones and speakers. If apple makes their own headphones

It would kill the the other company earnings and people would just go to apple and buy their headphones and beats would no longer specialize in making headphones and it would just be this side company that is lost and doesn’t know what to do.

It would kind of be like a company that is just trying to hang on to whatever it has left.

Well I hope this has been some informational blog about business and stuff, see you guys later and remember to StayChill.