Space and Honor/ SOL

I always wonder how people got the idea to make cars and wireless devices, like how did they even get the idea. I always wonder what it would feel like to live in the 1600’s and how I would live without iPhones and iPads and all the rest of that stuff.

I also wonder how the galaxy was created and how the dinosaurs would have acted if humans were existent at that time. I just wonder how everything that happened and basically everything. I have great respects to Stephen hawking’s, he passed away yesterday and I was really sad, but it was kind of extraordinary what he did for the world he had a lot more inside of him and I am just glad he passed away in piece. Well thanks guys for reading this blog post, if you want more blogs than comment what you want in the comments below, please consider following me and remember to StayChill.

2 thoughts on “Space and Honor/ SOL

  1. I feel like if I lived in the 1600’s I would have other things to stimulate my brain and not just electronics… but the loss of blogging would be crushing.

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