9 Question Listicle

I know I haven’t posted that much, but here is a post. I hope you like it. Today I answered questions made by a random question generator. It was pretty fun, it made me think a lot about myself. Also, feel free to answer the question down there.



  • What’s the best part of rain?


The best part of rain is the sound, the smell, and the feel of it. You can hear the droplets land on the roof, on the ground, on trees. Sometimes you can hear the thunder. It is just pleasant. When it rains it smells really clean. Like the earth beneath is getting washed. The smell of it just seeps out. I wish that I could smell it everyday. When a cold drop just lands on my skin on a hot day is very refreshing. It is just like a shower, but bigger.



  • What’s the most interesting thing you have in your pocket right now?


My pants don’t have pockets.



  • What’s your opinion on naps?


My opinion on naps is that they are pleasant and really nice, but they mess up my schedule, and it also gives me headaches, which is not nice. But other than that it is very nice. When I come back from biking with my friends, I am really tired, so I take a nap, but regret afterwards. The root cause of my dislike of naps are headaches. The good thing is that you sometimes feel better when you wake. Once I was really grumpy because I took a nap.



  • What mode of transportation have you never tried?


Very interesting question, ain’t it! Well, I have rode all types of modes of transport. I have rode by air, water, and land. I have never been on a maglev train, most are in Europe, and East Asia. When I go there probably I would have to ride that ,since that is the main mode of transportation over there.



  • Where is the strangest place you have fallen asleep?


The strangest place I have fallen asleep is in the shower. I was taking a shower and sat down on the tub, and dozed off for a second. Then I woke up in an instant. I was really tired that day. I don’t know what I did that day to become that tired. Weird, right…



  • Have you ever been in an event that will one day be in history books?


I am living during a life changing pandemic. So, I am pretty sure that this will be in history books in the future. It will be most likely about how this changed our behaviour, lifestyle, and how many people it affected. We are living in history at the moment. It feels really weird that I am living in History and that we all will be part of it. I really hope this subsides quickly.



  • What were you most afraid when you were younger? Do you still have that fear?


When I was really little, I was scared of the dark. I still am, kind of. When I was something really scary I started being paranoid when I am in the dark. Like someone is watching me, but I can’t see them. This scares me really really badly, but when I am meh or I was having a good day or a meh day, then probably I wouldn’t be afraid. 



  • What are your top 5 snacks?


I have no favourite snacks. If I eat something too much, I will HATE it. I will despise it for awhile. Then eat it again. Right now I am monching on my chocolate almond. They are really good, but I will be disgusted by it when I finish it. Does this happen to anyone or is it just me?



  • What doesn’t exist, but should.


Magic. It could push the limits of everything. Think about it, we could solve climate change, go to space, create a cure for any disease, and etc. We could push the bounds of humanity. There would be boundless opportunities with this. There would be some drawback with this though. It could be incorporated with tech. People could do bad things to each other or make bad weapons that could just wipe us out. Still, I would like magic to be real. 


I hope you guys liked it. I hope you guys are all safe during the pandemic. Stay warm and stay safe!


Hello everybody,

It has been a while since I’ve posted here. And many things have happened so far into the year… but let’s get to the point. For the student blogging challenge, which started all over again(yay). I have written a listicle of what I’ve learned in 8th grade.

  1. I learned how to open lockers, I know the rules of how to open it. Most likely a teacher has shown me in the past how to open a locker, but they never told me the rules. Thanks to the teacher, who told me the rule of how to open a locker.
  2. I learned that you don’t always have to say yes to people. I had a problem saying yes to people or to people I wasn’t familiar with. I was comfortable around my friends to tell them no, but I felt weird to say no to people i don’t know
  3. I became an 8th grader. It feels so weird because I spent most of my life back in Asia, and now I am in 8th grade. Sometimes when I think about it, it makes me think about how much I’ve grown and how far I went. 
  4. I’ve (kind of) learned to study the proper way. In the first quarter, I had a difficult time studying(almost got C’s in some classes), but I think I learned how to study. So far, I am almost getting all A’s. I am kind of worried for next year, since I am taking all honors classes(I’m already struggling :’(). Wish me good luck.
  5. I’ve embraced my introvertness. Last year, I denied that I was an introvert, but then I later I realized that I did not want to talk to people who I did not know. Many people think that I am an extrovert, which I am, but around friends, even sometimes I just walk away from all the chattering that goes on my table. I took a test. It said that I was an introverted extrovert(whatever that means). It said that I was more motivated around my friends, and that people may think I am not motivated, but I really am. 
  6. I really got into listening to music this year. This is my most stressful year so far, and when I listen to music, I feel kind of relieved or calm(can’t think of the word). So, if you are having a stressful day, listen to music.
  7. My motivation and confidence has increased(a bit, maybe). Last year, I hated presenting, it felt like people were silently judging me. I had a problem with people taking pictures of me and recording my voice. Everything seemed so distorted to me. Other than that my confidence has increased and i hope it keeps going up.

If you liked reading my post, please leave a comment and a link to you blog. 



Sword and Shield Grookey critique!

 Hey folks, 

Today I’ll be talking about Pokemon starters and my opinion on them, but now the spotlight goes to Grookey! I’ll be doing the other starters on some other day! If you want me to do the other ones early, just leave a comment!

The first in line is Grookey, which is my starter that I picked in Shield. Grookeys overall design is pretty adorable! With it’s upbeat personality, which it mostly expressed through it’s stick. When it bangs it’s stick on the surface, the sound waves created through the action radiates throughout and replenishing the flora around it. According to the pokedex entry. It also says that when it beats the stick, it gets more and more pumped up. The color palette overall, is really well. The greens and the orange have vast difference among. The green makes the orange stick out more! The orange nose and mouth, reminds of a peach for some odd reason. The front legs/hands remind me of the orange plumbing gloves. The brown ears remind me of coffee beans. Grookey puts it’s stick behind it’s leaves on its head. It is based on a monkey. And that is Grookey!

No one in the Pokemon world talks about the second-evolution of Grookey, Thwackey! It evolves at level 16, and it completely changes our adorable Grookey into something else. First of all Thwackey’s pokemon design is horrible, but all middle evolutions are a bit awkward. When you first look at it, you look at the eyes. It’s sleep deprived eyes! The pukeish green that covers it. I just don’t like. I don’t have anything to say more than that.






The last of all Rillaboom, the third evolution of the line. First of all, I don’t like Rillabooms bipedal drummer form, but overall it is pretty good. The coffee colored skin, the peach like nose are the same from Grookey. The drum was added, which I don’t like. They shouldn’t have given a pokemon a drum or an item to hold like that. My favourite thing is the leaf hair and that one stroke of hair that droops down. It is a gentle giant and a leader of the jungle/forrest. It can control the roots of a tree. I really like Rillaboom, but next time I may pick Scorbunny. 




If you have any critics/review on Grookey please leave a comment and url to your blog. I hope you have a great day!



Final week of the stbc19

Hello folks,

This is my last week for the student blogging challenge. So I’ve written a reflection, please have a look! If you participated, I hope you had an amazing experience.

I have written 8 posts in total, I think. I enjoyed writing the image one, because I was really passionate about it. I took inspiration from video games, while I wrote about zombies.The post that represents my best writing is the picture. My favourite challenge was the free prompt one, because you can write about anything. I have received about 12 comments, which are from my classroom. I received most of the comments from my first post. I think commenting is important, because it lets you connect with other people, improve your writing and your blog, and etc. I have learned how to comment, the proper way.  I want to keep blogging!

Do you want to continue blogging, or even start blogging? leave a comment below!

Holiday and Festivities!

Hello folks,

For the week seven student blogging challenge, I will be telling you about my Holidays. In my family, we would like to celebrate some holidays and festivities, but my parents and siblings are both workaholics. So, we don’t  get celebrate to celebrate that much. But these are some holidays that we would/do like to celebrate!

  1. Halloween

When I was in Asia, I did not know  about Halloween… Until I arrived in America. It was a spectacle at that time, because it was my first time. I already knew what it was, because of the American cartoons I watched. Since my family does a lot of work, we don’t have time to spend time with each other. My first year of trick or treating was in 4th grade, and I did it with my mom. I didn’t have a lot of close friends at that time to trick or treat with. I was filled with awe at that moment.  

On 5th grade I trick or treated with a friend. I am not sure what costume I wore. If I remember correctly, I wore a Jason Vorhees costume. With a very iconic hockey  mask, and a blood smeared machete! My friend honestly got creeped out. I live in a very small, boring neighborhood, and no one ever goes out trick or treating. When there is a bowl of candy out, we usually dump the entire thing in. Is that an accepted thing to do? There is no one trick or treating by 6pm. When we are done with our neighborhood, we hit the biggest neighborhood that is in walking distance. After we got there, we hit the houses that give out king size candy. Then we usually hit the houses that give out meh candy. I stop trick or treating  around 9pm, head back home, sort my candy, and eat my favorite ones.and head back home. I usually sort my candy, and eat my favourite ones.  

These are some of my favorite Halloween candies!

  • 1.  Snicker
  • 2. Twix
  • 3. Skittles
  • 4. Peanut M&M
  • 5. 100 Grand
  • 6. Candy Corn
  • 7.  Hershey Kisses
  • 8. KitKat
  • 9. Smarties
  • 10. Nerds

Also, here are the costumes I wore each year. At 4th grade I wore a Phantom costume. It had a black cloak, which obviously did not fit. It was really big for my size. It also had a scythe with the set. During 5th grade I wore the Jason Vohees costume. At 6th grade I wore the same Phantom costume, but with a Plague Doctor mask. People around me got freaked out, I don’t know why they would. For 7th grade I wore regular clothes, but with a twist! It had hacker mask. When I was about to leave someone’s porch, I always told them that I will be coming for their web history! For the latest one, which is the 8th grade, I dressed up as an Apocalypse Survivor. It had blood smeared across everywhere. On my mask, on my white shirt, on everything! Next year might be our last year for trick or treating. When I think of it, I am deeply sad. :, ( I think I have celebrated Halloween pretty well, and got all the gist of it. 

When was/will your last year of trick or treating be? What Costumes did you wear this year? Comment below, and leave a link to your blog!


  1. Birthdays/New Years

I listed these two together, because my birthday is on Jan 1st! On the New Year, it feels like everyone is celebrating my birthday. It feels so weird. Some of my aunts,uncles, and cousins came, and we eat cake! My parents and siblings ask me what I want for my gift. I usually don’t want anything, and so they get mad at me. I do want stuff, but at the same time I do . I just don’t want to ask for it. I guess it is an internal conflict. Is this only me, does a lot of people feel that way? Also, my mom makes my favourite food of all time, during Holiday seasons. She makes Chicken Korma with Pilau rice. One day I am going to learn how to make it for myself! Have you ever tried Korma?


  1. Christmas 

We are so close to Christmas, and I am so excited! Probably because of my santa hat! Usually on Christmas morning, we all are sleeping. Once, I even forgot it was Christmas. You know that everyone has a Christmas tree in their house. We don’t, because it won’t fit, even the small ones. Next year we are going to move to a bigger house, which is pretty neat. But I will be very sad, because I won’t see my neighborhood friends.: (   Why do some people make gingerbread houses, and never eat them? What do people eat during Christmas? I usually eat my favourite dish! I am excited that we might decorate our house next year! I don’t how it feels like, but I at least hope it will be fun! When I was in Bangladesh, I did not see a lot of people celebrating christmas. But when a relative went back, they noticed that some people do celebrate it. 

Someone please answer my questions, by leaving a comment, and a link to your blog! Thank you !

  1. Eid

My family and I celebrated it in Asia, but when we moved here. We did not celebrate that much. We don’t have a lot of family living in America, all of them live in Canada.  During the period of time I lived in Asia. We always went to my family members houses, and greeted all of them. The younger people usually get money from our elders or parents. When we arrived in my aunts house, we usually ate dates. Do you know what dates are? If you did then leave a comment below! If you did not, then let me tell you. It is a wrinkly looking fruit that tastes sweet, and like raison. When you first look at it, it looks like it has been dried, but it has not. It is just more fresh and ripe. At the end of the day, I still dislike date fruits. Have you ever eaten a date?  I wish my family members lived closer to me so I could see them during the holidays. 


Thank you for getting this far, and reading it.  I hope you enjoyed it! What do you eat during your Holidays? Do you go anywhere on the Holidays, I know I used to!  Leave a comment ,and a link to your blog please. Thank you!


Happy  Holidays folk! Wherever you are, i hope you are having a good time! : )

  • Risad

My music!

Hello Folks,

For the week five blogging challenge. I will be showing you my musical tastes,

rock,pop,jazz, Japanese, hindi, indie, soundtrack, oldies, musical, a little bit of metal…, and electric/EDM/Techno. I don’t know the difference between them. : P

My favourite song of the week is “ Don’t be so serious” By LOWROARMUSIC. I found this song through a game. I wasn’t playing the game myself, rather I was watching a walkthrough of it. The game just came out, and it is directed by Hideo Kojima. It is called “Death Stranding”. The game is about a deliverer or also more commonly known as the “Porter”. He tries to reconnect a dismantled America, after a horrible event. The song makes me feel at ease, and the beats are pretty groovy in my opinion. When I am listening to music, I use Spotify and Shazam. Shazam is used for identifying other songs. When I am in the car, I usually listen to Pop or Rock music. When I feel like moving around, I listen to Hindi or Japanese music. By the way, most of the Japanese songs are from animes! For indie, I listen to it everywhere. All the other ones are scattered around here and there. 


These are some of my favourite songs. This is just a list, not ranked. For your information, some of them contain explicit words, so please search for the clean version. : ) 

  1. “Don’t Be So Serious” by LOWROARMUSIC
  2. “In The End” by Linkin Park
  3. “Erased Opening”- by Asian Kung-fu (Can’t recall the japanese name :,( ) 
  4. “Miami Showdown” by Digitalism
  5. “Blitz” by digitalism
  6. “The Villain I appear to be” by Connor Spiotto
  7. “Sunflower” by Post Malone, Swae lee
  8. “All Time Low” by Jon Bellion
  9. “Happier” by Marshmallow
  10. “Space oddity” by David Bowie
  11. “End of line” by Daft punk
  12. “Let it happen” by Tame Impala


These are some songs that I like. What songs do you like? This post must have expanded a little bit of your musical  horizon. Is it just me, or do a lot of people forget the artists name? Leave a comment and a Url to your blog. So, I could hear your awesome musical tastes!


Rising Dawn

Hello folks, Risad here!

Today I wrote a story about survivor living in a post apocalyptic time. He questions ethics and morales of why does it have to be that way. I took inspiration from a movie and video game! I hope you enjoy reading this!

     As the stars descended upon the bright morning sky, a new day began. The air was as dry and cold as ever. The soil was sandy and scorched by the blast, that eradicated everything I loved. The sky was turning to a baby blue, with no cloud in sight. It was another day for scavenging. Everything was quiet, nowadays. I once despised the bustling city, now it is a empty husk of its former self. Was it the people who made a city, feel like a city, or was it the other way around?  Well it doesn’t matter anymore, since everything is gone. As I leapt up, I picked up the my old, dried blood stained gas mask, and I put it on .

     When I peered across the ledge of this 40 story tower. I saw the walls in the distance, the walls that once quarantined the city. But the walls couldn’t stop the madness. This was the place where the sickness ended, but where the infection started. You could the walls didn’t do a good job. The walls were destroyed, now it is just ruble. Some parts of the walls were left standing. On that side of the wall, there was graffiti of all colors. It seemed like this never happened, like it was just a dream. Suddenly, the wind blew the tower would start swinging left and right, I would start panicking and breath heavily, but now it was different. The bright light of the hydrogen and helium gas ball, hit my nocturnal eyes and make me go blind. It was like touching a hot pan and burning your hand, but on your eyes. As I turned around and saw all my belongings. My solar powered, multi-colored, christmas lights were always lit. The solar panels powered my UV lights, the water purifiers, and etc.  The UV lights protect me from the monster. Those monsters come to my doorstep, when there’s noise. Their boney, dry skin light up, when exposed to UV light. That’s why they don’t come outside when the sun is out. Their always in the shadow in the day, but when the candle is blown out. They leave their dark home, and pry on the survivors. Their drive, is their insatiable hunger. They can be really aggressive when out hunting for survivors.

      Every, now and then, I hear the screams of people, when it is dark out. I have heard them talk like a regular, rational person about their important memories. I question myself, when I kill them. Are they alive? Do they remember who they were? Do they feel pain, when they die? I have so many questions, the only way to know the answer, is by becoming one of them. Then I’ll truly know how it feels like. I don’t doubt that I’ll become one of them. I just want to delay it, I don’t want to hurt others. I can’t wait till the summer. During the winter, it gets really hard to survive. The days are shorter. But, people in the north have it much rougher than us. It snows, it makes it harder for them to move them.  Then suddenly, a jet flew across the sky with great speed. It was like a bullet was shot. Then a supply box dropped from the jet. The box was very durable, like a Nokia 3310. It was time to go. I don’t want the others to get the supply box first. I got onto the swift zipline, and made it to the other rooftop. I got onto the telephone pole and zipped down. The air on the streets were grimy. It was like a thick sheet of gray, that covered the streets of the city. It’s the gaseous form of the virus. It was thicker than the air, so it always drooped down. I took a deep breath, and I started running. That is usually, how I start my day.

This story had some inspiration of some video games and show. They are Dying Light and I Am Legend. Have you written any stories, that you have taken inspiration from? If you have then leave a link to your blog in the comment. I hope you are having a wonderful day!


SHREK WAZOWSKI?! (a scary spooktober story)


    The year of 2015, was when everything changed… Shrek Wazowski was summoned by all the memers out there. When Shrek Wazowski was summoned, he was angry at how the world viewed him. He was consumed by rage after his creator said that Shrek Wazowski is perfect for a meme. His creator realised that he had made a major mistake, by making Shrek Wazowski. It always ran around his big house during the night, while spilling ketchup, or was it sriracha. It always made heavy breathing noises right next to the creators ear, when he was watching Shrek and meme compilations…

      One day, when the creator left for work and came back, he was filled with utter terror…. The picture that was hung around his house was indescribable… The ghost was blindingly bright, emotionless, and eerie. It had no emotion underneath its hideous smile. But the scariest part of the picture isn’t the ghost. Rather, it was the unforgiving word, “ BOO!” *(queue the scary music*) It was the scariest word in the english dictionary. No one knows who created the word.


     When the creator saw the picture, he couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. He was just frozen, it felt like time wasn’t moving. Then, he quickly grabbed the picture, and threw it right at the floor. Suddenly, he heard a blood curdling scream, coming from upstairs.

     It was the scream of a child. The creator rushed upstairs, and saw the lights were flickering. Then he noticed the cat, who was on the chair, playing with the light. He gave Popo a deathly stare, Popo stopped immediately. When he was running to the source of the scream, he slipped. He peered down, and saw the red and sticky liquid. It oddly smelled like sriracha. He followed the trail of the sauce. It lead up to the main window of the house. When he peered through it, he saw Shrek Wazowski, dangling on a tree branch with his dear life. A little later, the creator got him out, somehow? He asked Shrek Wazowski, why he hung up the “picture”. Shrek Wazowski was confused, and didn’t know what he was talking about. Then the creator realized that Shrek Wazowski doesn’t even know a tenth of the english language. SOMEONE HAD A VENDETTA AGAINST HIM?!

NOTE, this is all fiction. NONE of this is TRUE!

Are any of you fellow readers in the student blogging challenge. If you are, please leave a link to your post and a comment. Happy Halloween!


Hello, Earthlings, Martian here! It is the month of the spooks, I hope you are having a great day!  Me and my classmates are doing the blogging challenge this year!

I have a trivia about my classmates! Please answer, by commenting!







Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post! I will sure be posting my artwork and my fictional worlds in the future!

What type of avatar did you make for your blog?!