Blogging Challenge: Relfection

Hello people reading this it’s lovely to see you again,

It’s that time of year again, the end of it. And that means, reflection on the year. But this is a blog so I should reflect on the blog, good idea, right? Okay, cool cool.

This blog has been quite an experience I’d say. I posted some art, changed the style of that art, did the blogging challenges which I must say were quite. . . Something. . . Not in a bad way, just interesting. My most popular post is my Halloween story. I could see why it’s more popular, it’s some decent writing. I am quite proud of the art and the story that came out of that story and I’m happy that it is my most popular post!

My favorite SBC challenge has to be. . The Halloween story, not because it’s my most popular post but only because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and writing a short story about it is just fun! I like to write, especially fiction and especially horror. They’re pretty basic reasons but I still enjoy it.

How many comments have I received I believe 32+ comments, most of them from my halloween post. I think commenting though, is an important part of blogging so people know how their post is, their opinions. And though opinions may not be all too important to some people, they’re still relevant! Opinions help people improve. In my opinion, improvement is always good, it’s extremely helpful.

Web tools and technology, I haven’t learned many new things during my challenges, though I’ve enjoyed trying those things out I’ve always known about things like widgets just never used them, but using them was a fun thing to do.

I must say, I enjoy owning a blog- even though it feels weird to own one, I like doing so. It’s like a more explorative social media! I can check out so many blogs with so many creative topics and just- things in general! I enjoy posting quite a lot, which is why I previously mentioned I want to post more. It’s a creative platform where I can show my writing skills and art skills.

Ah, it’s always interesting to reflect on something. I like to reflect but not at the same time, it reminds me of time passing too much. Anyways, this is where I head out now.

M’s Ditchin’ Peace out!

Blog Challenge – Holidays!

Heyo people readin’ this! I’mma be talking about a holiday I quite love to celebrate.. Somewhat obvious reasons! “What may that holiday be?” you must be asking, It’s……Drum roll please…………..


Hanukkah! It’s a well known jewish holiday, and I only know a handful of people that celebrate this holiday! (The only exception is family, but that’s obvious) Now to people who don’t know what Hanukkah is, I’ll explain what we do during it, and the origin! Sound good? Eh, you don’t have a say in this. (TヮT)


Now, how we celebrate Hanukkah is quite fun! First before Hanukkah we either make a custom manorah or use one from last year, usually made with real/fake crystals and/or gems with vibrant beautiful colors, blue, red, yellow the list goes on! It lasts eight days, and there are nine spaces. Why nine when they’re eight days? Because the ninth candle is the lighter candle, we use a lighter to light the lighter candle, place all the other candles in their spots. Right to left, like how you read in hebrew. But before we light the candles, we always have to have a delicious meal, the meal mainly consists of:



  • Latkes


Latkes are potato like pancake, consisting of some sort of gentle spice. These potato pancakes are eaten with labneh, a slightly thicker sour cream. Usually homemade.


  • Olives in salty oil


It won’t be a lot of oil, just a bit. But quite a bit of salt, since we love olives 


  • Matzah


One of the most popular foods in Israel, and it tastes really good!


The Origin!


These few jews were running from the Egyptians, they had an oil lamp that lit for exactly 8 days. Everyday they would pray they’d pray to Yahweh, the Israeli god. The lamp lasted long enough so they could survive to find rescue. Hence, Hanukkah.


That’s all I have to say about my lovely holiday!


Have a good day/night/evening/noon, M’s out! Peace.


Happy holidaysssss!

Blogging Challenge Music Quiz!

The Reasoning for question 1 – 

I made question number one for an obvious reason, I love this artist. This artist is a “depressing”-like artist. NF really talks about what most anxious people may feel. I like to call him “Eminem but not”. He sounds like Eminem, somewhat looks like Eminem I think that’s all there is to explain.


The Reasoning for question 2 & 3 –

I enjoy both of those artists very much, The Beatles and Queen have an awesome 80s-90s vibe and it’s quite relaxing but upbeat at the same time. They have nice songs to listen to pass time or to listen to when working on almost anything! I’d recommend listening to both these artists’ when you have the time!


Reasoning for question 4 –

The band, A.J.R. is a nice band and one of the only bands I listen to that are actually current artists, A.K.A. pop music/songs. They are a small band that has grown drastically due to a album: Neotheater, I have known them from their first album, Living room. They’ve only had three known albums and possibly currently working on a new one. The three known albums are, Living room, The Click and Neotheater.


Reasoning for question 5 –

I don’t exactly have a reason for this question, it is just a fact that I know, and I just thought it’d be interesting for me to share it! I always thought the answer was interesting when I was researching this information, how does someone who sings about killing their current lover become the most popular singer, I guess that’s just interesting to people in this generation, you never know.


Those are all my song questions, I don’t want to make this “quiz” too long anyway, maybe I made it too short, I don’t know. I hope you’re all going to have a good day and even week!


M’s ditchin’ Peace!


Charry and D.D.

I decided to draw when I was bored, Even though it isn’t a halloween drawing I sure am proud of this cutie! Especially her little cat.
Her name is Charry, and her cats name is D.D.

Charry is a positive little angel, she loves kittens and is protective over her kitten, D.D. Her favorite food is pancakes and she likes to go on walks, and talk with her friends.

Now for her cat on the other hand, D.D. is a silly cat, D.D. likes to climb onto high places, and eat snakes. She is a playful cat, and she is grateful kitty!


M’s ditchin’!



A Spookyyy Storyyy


Deep in the woods of the dark and twisted trees. Deep in the woods of the foggy and misty air. Deep in the woods, lives beasts, so be aware; Though all are to be scared, of the one, a demon, deep deep in the woods, coming out to play. Lets go have fun with our little friend. Creeping quietly across the branches. 

Children laughing, having fun, and eating their sweets. But we wait to see who will get the last laugh tonight. As teens scare the children, The beast will scare them. The beast, moving slick across the street, climbing on lamp posts, rooftops and even gutters. 

The beast, breathing slowly staring that the children that stare back at it. The smile grows and the childrens tears grow back. “Come hither,” A distorted voice creeps from out the smile, and to the children’s ears. But they weep no more, nor do they breathe again. Blood, slowly drips from it’s smile, the smile creeps away, along with the beast itself. The beast stares down onto the neighborhood, standing brodly, head tilted, blood dripping.




{Eheeeehhh… Yeah, here we are for the 3rd week of the communications blogging week!} So I decided to write about my art, why not? Get some spooky vibes, y’know? I did make it short, but I think it’s good enough, right?


I drew this using IBIS Paint X, from my Ipad! It took me about- 6 hours? Yep, 6 hours! Though I think that time was worth it, I love how it turned out!


M’s ditchin’ Peace!


(And happy halloween!)

Some More Old Art!

Just decided to post some more art, I changed my style a bit (With shading). I like to make T.V. heads a lot, and I may check back later to see if I can find some other T.V. heads! See ya later.
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

And– Uh– feel free to leave your opinions in the comments!

Communications Blogging Challenge

Hello, Boo’s, M here. Happy spoopy season, and hopes to a wondrous rest of the year. I am sitting in  communications. It’s the first week of our Student Blogging Challenge.


We each have our own little thing about ourselves and if you guys want to be a part of it, you can answer these questions below in the comments! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑


Who loves Animals?


Who enjoys world building?


Who likes the color yellow?


Do any of you play the piano?


Who likes loves cats? Miki sure loves cats!


Who’s a Hamilton fangirl?


Who thinks space is cool?


Do any of you like cheerleading?

Do any of you like to Travel?


Who likes to write?


Thanks for seein’ this post! ( ◞・౪・)

A-Z, Pokemon nerd A.K.A. Me!

I am a big Pokemon nerd, and I may as well inform you of them, first here, is Aipom a monkey with a big hand for a tail, Bulbusaur, a starter from the first gen. Charizard! A fan favorite, from the Charmander evolution line,! Deoxys The space pokemon! A very interesting and rare pokemon. Espurr I like to call Espurr “seen some stuff” Pokemon, it’s beady eyes, just stare at you, along with a sad backstory. Farfetch’d is a Pokemon that is close to extinction, sadly, the name originated from the fact that finding a bird with a leak in its mouth, is “farfetch’d” neet I know!
Giratina, a legendary! And a dark type, first appeared in the diamond and pearl game. Ho-oh, yes, another legendary. A rainbow-like bird, and very brightly colored, almost tribal-like designs on the pokemon. Inkay, the– A jellyfish Pokemon, they’re are many jellyfish pokemon, example: Tentacool, Tentacruel, Frillish, Jellicent. Jirachi, a mythical Pokemon that makes your wishes come true! And it can also sense danger, etc. Kyogre, a legendary from 3rd Gen. The Killer Whale, or Orca pokemon. The Elemental Gen. Included with, water, fire, and “grass”. Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza.
Lickilicky! The tongue pokemon/Licking Pokemon, They are a pink, chubby, and stubby pokemon.. With a very long tongue! Mewtwo— No, how about… Magikarp! I like to call it the “fish on drugs” pokemon, Magikarp is a well known Pokemon, orange body and big eyes. How about a UB pokemon? Like Necrozma, This is a black Pokemon that has many forms, for example: Ulta, Dusk mane, Dawn wings, for the sun and moon game. Onix, Brock’s Pokemon, from the show, Pokemon. Onix is a Gen. 1 Pokemon, and a big rock snake, with a unicorn horn.
The Porygon Collection! Porygon-z, Porygon, Porygon2. Quivala, one of the only Pokemon that start with a “Q”! The evolution of a starter known as Cyndaquil. A fire pokemon. Rotom, an electric Pokemon that can take control of any normal item, that has electricity, example: Oven, Microwave, even more than that. Salamence, A pretty patriotic Pokemon, colors of red white and blue, And silver. Togepi, the spike ball pokemon, and in the show, the Pokemon of this character named, Misty, Togepi is a small egg with spikes on its head, the egg is broken, and covers it’s torso-down.
Unown A Pokemon that is a special alphabet pokemon, a dark gray color, with one big eye. And some people say that Mimikyu is an Unown! Vulpix a fan favorite in a part of the Pokemon fandom, but I enjoy the mythical pokemon: Victini a small light yellow Pokemon, with pointy orange ears, and big blue eyes, and two small wing-like tails the same color as the fur, light yellow! WAILORD! One of my most favorite pokemon, Wailord is the biggest Pokemon known to the fandom, a big blue whale, bright blue and a white underside, it has small black beady eyes, and huge teeth
Xatu, one of the only Pokemon that start with X, apart from: Xerneas, Xatu is a bird Pokemon, green with tribal-like body, Xatu sees it’s past and future at the same time, every time it looks into the past, it sees its {dead} parents, slowly wanting to explode in rage! Finally, Zorua, A small dark gray puppy pokemon, it has small ovals for eyebrows, colored in red, along with a tuft of red on its hair, with big blue eyes!
I hope you enjoyed reading all this Pokemon information. I am such a nerd! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯