A 21 Question Listicle For You At Home!

Hello there, all of you at home. I have made a fun listicle for you all at home to answer. It’s engaging, and gives you an oppurtunity to express how you feel and what you’ve been up to. I really hope you enjoy it! Let me know about all the fun things that’ve been going on in your life and let me know how you feel about this whole quarantine thing. I hope you all tay safe, happy and healthy. :’)

Question 1: How is quarantine affecting your mental health?

Question 2: If any, what new hobbies have you adopted?

Question 3: What are 5 fun things you’ve done in quarantine, that you wouldn’t have normally done?

Question 4: Is anyone you know a first responder to COVID patients?

Question 5: If so, how does it affect you, and their families?

Question 6: Has your room been cleaner or messier than usual? Why?

Question 7: What new books have you read, if any?

Question 8: How have you been taking care of yourself?

Question 9: What’re 3 things you’ve done to treat yourself?

Question 10: Do you like online learning?

Question 11: What are your thoughts on the U.S. reopening certain establishments?

Question 12: Have you been keeping pyschically fit?

Question 13: If so, how? Do you have a routine? Do you enjoy it?

Question 14: Have you tried something you never would have done, had it not been for quarantine? 

Question 15: Do you have pets that help you through quarantine? If so, what kind of pets do you have and how do they help you?

Question 16: Are you finishing all your school work? Why or why not?

Question 17: How does quarantine, the Coronavirus, and missing school make you feel? Explain?

Question 18: How many times a week do you go outside? Do you wear a mask all the time or just sometimes? Or do you not wear a mask at all?

Question 19: What is your daily routine? How is it different or similar to your school routine?

Question 20: For those who read manga and watch anime, do you feel like it’s fair that they delayed new chapters? How do you feel, knowing you will have to wait months for a new chapter?

Question 21: What, in your eyes, are the benefits of things shutting down? Explain?