OoMm Chapters 12-13

In the book Melody went to the aquarium with rose and her family. While they were at the aquarium, they ran into Molly and Claire’s girl scout group. Molly and Claire walked up to Rose “Hey Rose are you here with your parents?” they said, “No” said Rose, “Your dad?”,”Your mom?” they said. “No i’m here with Melody and her family” Rose whispered with her head down. Melody could tell that Rose was embarrassed about telling them that she was here with her. Rose thanked Melody’s family for inviting her and claimed she had a good time, but I don’t think that Rose enjoyed the trip with Melody, because the way she was embarrassed to tell the girls that she was there with Melody. Also Rose kinda acts too nice and Melody said something in the book that foreshadowed Rose being a fake friend. It was something about how Rose is like a Rose but if she has thorns that Melody hasn’t seen them yet.

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