Final Book Club Review

Book Club Meeting #3

Our club meeting went well today. We finished our book today and in our meeting we summarized the book. We all enjoyed reading House Arrest by K.A. Holt. This b0ok is a verse novel and it was really helpful for our genre challenge. Some questions we discussed were “How does it make you feel that Timothy has to step up and be a father?”, “Why do you think Timothy stole the wallet?”, “Why do you think Timothy’s dad was calling?” and “Do you think Timothy regrets stealing the car t0 help Levi, or he doesn’t because he saved his life?”. These questions generated meaningful talk between our group. Everyone was present during our meeting and this helped us have an efficient meeting. In the future, I think our group could benefit from more in-depth responses to strengthen our knowledge of the book. ♡

Book Club Meeting #2

Our group had a meaningful discussion talking about our book. My question was, “How did you feel when Carla from Child Services came?” My group responded with “ We didn’t like her because we don’t want Levi to be taken from Timothy.” I strongly agree. It Made us all very sad. We all agreed that Timothy would not be the same without Levi. My next question, “How do you think the story will continue. We agreed that Timothy with get an email back from the doctor that can fix Levi’s lungs and Timothy will confess his love for Isa. Next time I hope to have more fluid discussion that will generated more talking. In conclusion our meeting went well. ♡

Book Club Introduction

The book my group has chosen is called House Arrest. It takes place in Texas with a 12 year old boy named Timothy. His family is poor and Levi, Timothy´s little brother has a hard time breathing. He uses a trach to breath and his family struggles to find a good nurse to watch him. My group members are Teia, Laurie, and Hannah. We are looking forward to continue reading! ♡