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  1. The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel [Review]

    January 2, 2019 by ANJALI

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    The Alchemyst (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, #1)     Genre: Fantasy

    Page Count: 369

    Published 2007

    In The Alchemyst, Michael Scott weaves a tale full of magic and mythology told through the eyes of two siblings. Sophie and Josh are thrust into the world of magic and must learn to use their powers and battle powerful foes along the way. At first glance, I thought I would enjoy this book much more than I actually did. While the book has a very interesting plot, the two characters start to grow annoying after a while. The dialogue between the two teens feels somewhat artificial and forced. However, if you focus more on the big picture of the plot, it makes the book a little better. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy fantasy and mythology books.

    Rating:  1        2         (3)        4        5

    written Jan. 2, 2019



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  2. Book Club {day 3}

    December 19, 2018 by ANJALI

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    Today was the last day of book clubs.  We finished our books and discussed questions we had with our group-mates. We asked some interesting questions to conclude our book clubs. We also all shared our opinions about the book. Most of us agreed that the book was okay, with one person saying they didn’t like  it at all. I could see her point of view, because I thought that the book took a pretty long time to really get going.


    1. How do you think Dee will get more powerful than the Morrigan or Bastet?
      1. I thought that Dee might have to wait until he  gets the Codex to overthrow the Morrigan and Bastet.  However, Dee has proved that he can kill an Elder without the Codex,  so he may be able to get rid of the Elders soon. My members said that he may also use Perenelle’s powers against her will because she is a very powerful sorceress. Her powers combined with Dee’s magic would probably be enough to kill at least one, if not both, Elders.
    2. What do you think would have happened if Josh betrayed his sister and went with Dee?
      1. I think Josh would make a very good weapon for Dee to use. Josh hasn’t learned any magic yet, but he has an extremely powerful aura, more powerful than his sister’s. Dee would  be able to use this to his advantage, shaping Josh’s magic to fit his own purposes. My partners also said that this would be bad for Flamel and the group because it would crush Sophie. It would also add another problem to the group’s growing list of worries.

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  3. Book Club {day two}

    December 17, 2018 by ANJALI

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    We weren’t able to have a discussion today, as all the members had to miss class for music. While I was reading our book, however, I was able to come up with more questions.

    Question 1) How do you think Sophie’s Awakening will affect her relationship with Josh?

    One page 239, Josh starts to think he and Sophie are “different in ways he could not even begin to comprehend.” I think that he and Sophie being “closed off” to the magical world strengthened the bond between them as the only ones that couldn’t fully perceive magic in the group. Now I feel like Josh may feel distanced from Sophie, while she may feel closer to Flamel and Scatty. Furthermore, it is not clear when Josh will be able to be Awakened, so he may feel like he was ignored, which would further distance him from Sophie.


    Question 2) Do you think that Hekate having her home destroyed may cause her to abandon Flamel and the rest of the group?

    We are shown throughout this portion of the book that Hekate is very fond of the World Tree, and that it is considered very sacred. When she realizes that it is being burnt, she shoves Josh away and runs out of the room. We are also shown that Hekate was hesitant about helping Flamel and Awakening Sophie and Josh. I think that after they fight the invaders, Hekate will no longer help the group because of the damage done to the World Tree. This would leave the group in a lurch, because without Hekate’s help, Josh cannot be Awakened and the group will have to find somewhere else to go.

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  4. book club {day one}

    December 10, 2018 by ANJALI

    Book:The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

    Author:Michael Scott

    The Alchemyst is a story that follows two twins, Sophie and Josh, as their life gets turned upside down through a series of seemingly impossible magical events. The twins find out that Nick Fleming, Josh’s boss, is actually the alchemist Nicholas Flamel, the man who has found the recipe for immortality. When evil sorcerer Dee attacks and steals the Codex (the book of immortality) and kidnaps Nicholas’s wife, Sophie, Josh, and Nicholas, with some friends they meet along the way, embark on a quest to recover the book and save Perenelle Fleming. I’m in this club with Melodie and Natalia.



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