Post High School Shakespeare

I recently found out that I have been accepted into all of the universities that I applied to. Of the six universities I applied to, I got into all of them. Mary Baldwin University is the only school I applied to that is in the United States. The other five schools are in various areas of the United Kingdom. My passion for Shakespeare has led me to want to study in the country he is originally from. A school in the United Kingdom would be my top choice, but I am struggling to make a decision. There are many factors that go into which school I get into. All of the schools have given me conditional offers, which I must meet requirements before I can be accepted. I have to determine which requirements I feel that I can meet before I choose. The struggle of not visiting any of these universities makes it harder to rule out some too. I have tried to do research on the schools, trying to figure out what I like and don’t like based on online articles. As an American, applying to university through the UCA’s was a difficult task. I am surprised that I have been accepted to all of the schools I applied to, as the application process seemed easy for me to make an error. Although I still have a long way to go, I am excited to see where my passion for Shakespeare takes me.

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