I watched this movie over Thanksgiving break and it left me thinking for days. This sci-fi  movie “Jonathan” is about someone who has single body multi consciousness. There are two brothers living inside of one man, portrayed by Ansel Elgort. One of the brother’s name is Jonathan who is awake from 7am to 7pm, and the other brother, Jon, is awake from 7pm to 7am. They communicate by making videos for the other to watch when they are awake. The movie documents Jonathan’s life and shows the struggles he faced each day but also highlights the love he has for Jon. The brothers have a certain set of rules that they have to follow in order to stay functioning, such as a certain sleep schedule and no girlfriends. However, Jon ends up dating this girl named Elena who brings many complications to the brothers’ routine. The brothers begin to fight and both of their lives start to go downhill throughout the movie.

This movie was very interesting but it was slow at times. I wish it had a little bit of a faster pace and a more exciting ending. The ending was pretty dry in my opinion, but it did leave me thinking about the science behind it and the other things that could’ve happened.

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