Riding My Bike for the First Time Without Training Wheels


       When I was six years old, I was riding my bike without training wheels and I was proud of myself for accomplishing that goal. It was a nice, warm sunny day in spring and cherry blossoms were blooming from the trees. So, I decided to ride my bike as fast as I could and show everybody in my neighborhood that was playing outside. I didn’t take any safety measures. I wanted to show that I was an outstanding bike rider. So, I started at the beginning of my drive and rode as fast as I could……


       In the middle of my drive, I looked back, lost control of my bike, and scraped my right knee and elbow on the tar. I got up bravely, but I was crying so loudly. Blood was dripping from my knee badly. I gasped when I looked at the wounds. I limped all the way back home. My parents asked me why I hadn’t taken any safety precautions, so I learned that I should always wear my helmet, gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads. Taking precautions is always a good idea!


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