Struggling to manage stress?

By Camille Desjardins  Despite their different grades, levels of intelligence or lifestyles, stress can happen to any high school student. “[Stress] affects [the students’] mood, it affects the way they eat, the way they socialize with people, it affects how they get sick, how much they can heal from getting sick,” Health and PE teacher […]

Clubs in the Real World

By Arnav Kumar Freedom offers a wide range of clubs and extracurriculars, giving each one of its 2,000 students the chance to participate in an activity that he or she is passionate about it. Students often pick clubs based off of their aspirations for college and their potential careers; however, doing so can blind students […]

Running: Harder than everyone thinks

By: Maya Porter Some people think that running doesn’t require a lot of effort, but it actually requires a huge amount of hard work. Being a runner requires dedication, focus, time, effort, stamina and resilience; no matter the weather, practice is always held outside. Not many people know the extent of the work that goes […]

Finding a balance

By Morgan Maiden Finding a balance between school work and high school sports can be difficult. Wake up, four classes and then a two hour practice is how many students at Freedom High School spend a day. After two hours of practice, a mountain of homework is waiting to be completed. However, students aren’t the […]

Freedom hosts first Unified Track team meet

By: Cayley Kilduff On Monday, April16th FHS hosted its first unity track meet. The meet was held during one of the FHS track team’s meet, and the unity events followed the corresponding track team events. Student and teacher volunteers got together to organize this special event and rally support for the runners. Students made posters […]

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