Are We Too Busy for Dinner Anymore?

The typical picture of a perfect American family normally includes the traditional white picket fence life, including hard working parents, siblings who never fight, and a sit-down family dinner in the evening where everyone discusses their day. This was considered a way to bond as a family and spend time together after a long busy […]

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College Board Exploits Students

College Board: the bane of every high schoolers existence. We think we need it, but we know we hate it. College Board tests are pretty much mandatory for anyone who wants to go to college, which results in people ignoring the issues. If someone has a problem with it, there’s not much he/she can do. […]

Is Public Schooling Truly Free?

As the school year begins, there are many opportunities that students are encouraged to be involved in. Although, sports, clubs and organizations all come with an additional cost. Attempting to be involved, I signed up for various activities but was taken aback at the total cost of the groups. The dues commonly include t-shirts and […]

What makes a good class?

There is sort of a checklist in my mind that creates an enjoyable class for me. The first is the actual course material. While I genuinely enjoy learning, STEM subjects do not appeal to me as much as the social sciences and other writing heavy classes. As such, my course schedule is dominated by these […]

Pushing your boundaries

Over the past summer, I had the distinct opportunity of attending the Virginia Governor’s Spanish Academy. Even after knowing that I had been admitted to this program after a rigorous application process, I still felt very insecure about attending the academy. Would I be able to survive without speaking English for three weeks? Could I […]

Are teens becoming detached from the importance of family?

Teens are beginning to become detached from the importance of family. In the past, family time was very common and seen as a normal outlet for spending your Saturday night. Now, it seems as though spending time with family is considered a waste of time. Students who prefer to spend time with family over time […]

So what is with the war on drugs?

From its experience with the Medellin Cartel’s sale of cocaine in cities like Miami and New York City to the introduction of crack in urban environments, the United States is no stranger to drug trafficking. The United States became world renown for its efforts during Ronald Reagan’s crackdown on narcotics and its involvement in patrolling […]

To All the Teachers I’ve had Before

My time at Freedom High School is coming to an end. I’ve had the privilege of attaining a great high school education, and I have to believe that is largely due to many of the teachers I’ve had during my last four years. That being said, I’d like to thank some certain people: Ms. Steele, […]

This Just In: Chocolate Milk Causes Global Suffering

In a consumerist society where profit is often prioritized over morality, it can be difficult for students to make ethical purchases that align with their beliefs. That’s why it’s important for students to make educated decisions before making everyday purchases. Large corporations that cut corners to maximize profits will usually hide behind false images of […]

Criminalizing privilege: the college admissions scandal

Surprise, surprise. The wealthy have found a way to turn a system that is already partial towards them into guaranteed chances of admission. What an absolute shocker. I imagine at this point you are aware of the high profile admissions scandal that took place in March. If not, essentially what took place is that wealthy […]

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