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Whether you are comfortable with your way of thinking, or find yourself wanting to expand your mind, philosophy club taps into curiosity and provides a space for discussion among students in Freedom High School. The club was founded in 2010 with the sponsor, Jessica Legnini, and then tenth grade student, Matt Smidt. For the first […]

Rest In Peace, Stan Lee

On Nov. 12, 2018, Marvel and superhero fans across the world said goodbye to the great Stan Lee. At age 95, Lee had had a very influential and successful career, from starting as a major comic book writer to becoming Marvel’s editor-in-chief to even appearing in most Marvel movies with a small, but always iconic, […]

Ranking the best Halloween treats

Halloween is almost here, and that means that many people are buying candy for parties or for trick or treaters. Candy is the probably the most common Halloween item that you see every year in stores. But what is the best Halloween candy out of them all? Well, according to, the three best Halloween […]

It’s the spooky season

Around Loudoun County, there are many people getting ready for the Spooky Season – ahh!!! There are decorated houses ranging from a simple pumpkin on the front steps to multiple blow-up decorations in the front yard. Everyone decorates in their own funny, unique, cool, silly ways, and it is fun to see. They might have […]

New traffic pattern rides into Freedom

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department and the Virginia Department of Transportation will change the after school traffic pattern starting Monday, Oct. 29. “The sheriff’s office was concerned about some of the traffic flow on Riding Center, so they asked for VDOT to work with them to come up with a different pattern,” said Hope Casserly, […]

YouTube is taking over, and that’s the tea

From tutorials to energetic vlogs, the world of YouTube has grown to supply a variety of content. Although there are many types of videos and influencers enjoyed by viewers, the teenage demographic has focused on a few YouTubers they watch on a regular basis. Shane Dawson, who has been creating content on YouTube for 10 […]

Marching Band has no land

As soon as the Freedom band showed up for band camp over the summer, they knew something was wrong. Their practice field was muddy and right away they figured they would have to find a new place to play. Shortly after, they were told the situation. “From what I understand the people who seed the […]

Lights, Camera, Pep!

When all four grades gathered in the gym on Sept. 28, it was by far one of the most energetic pep rallies yet. The freshmen and sophomores squeezed into the bleachers creating a sea of gray and white, and the juniors and seniors spread out on the floor, each aiming to be the loudest and […]

Homecoming Week Day Five: Class Color Day

Friday, Sept. 28, students and staff throughout Freedom High School participate in the last day of homecoming spirit week. Decked out in their class color, each grade competed for sprint points to ultimately win homecoming spirit week.  

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