Articles by Kaise Dualeh

Criminalizing privilege: the college admissions scandal

Surprise, surprise. The wealthy have found a way to turn a system that is already partial towards them into guaranteed chances of admission. What an absolute shocker. I imagine at this point you are aware of the high profile admissions scandal that took place in March. If not, essentially what took place is that wealthy […]

Boys Soccer with a 4-3 thriller against Loudoun County HS

On March 18, the boys varsity soccer team headed to Loudoun County High School to play their second game of the season. The game started off well for the Eagles as Loudoun County scored an own-goal quite early on, making the score 1-0. Loudoun County was able to quickly equalize with a goal on the other […]

Why being the do-it-all student isn’t worth it

With college admissions season slowly approaching, it can be easy to assume that someone who seems to be involved in every club in school is doing the right thing. In my freshmen and sophomore years, I found myself being this person, and it ended up not being worth my time. There are a plethora of […]

Spirt Week Day 5: Pep Rally

On the final day of spirit week, the gym bleachers were filled with people dressed in an array of neon colors, eager to see if their class would be able to capture the spirit week. After a hockey shootout, basketball tic tac toe and even a dance contest in the dark, the sophomores earned a […]

Unified Sports plays first basketball game

On Wednesday, Jan. 16, Freedom’s Unified Sports program participated in its first mini basketball game of the Unified basketball season. The event garnered an enthusiastic crowd, eager to see the athletes put out so much effort for their team to win the game. Partner athletes and volunteers also participated in the game as teammates, scorekeepers […]

The secret to productivity: not working?

We have all been there. The assignment is due at 11:59 p.m., yet we stare for hours at an empty Google doc until 11:10 p.m. rolls around. Then we are in the zone. Words start flying on the page at a rate that can only be achieved when under pressure, and even though we might succeed […]

Changing the face of news: “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” review

Hasan Minhaj, an Indian-American comedian who served as a correspondent for ” The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” now has a new show, “Patriot Act.” The show airs weekly on Netflix, and covers a broad range of cultural and political topics from affirmative action to Amazon’s increasing monopoly and America’s dependence on oil. This project follows […]

Should affirmative action still exist?

Affirmative action has long been a divisive issue, so let me spare both of us some time by not going through its history. The root of the issue that has sparked debate lies in the idea that less qualified (minority) students are being accepted into elite universities at the expense of more qualified Asian and […]

One last time – Senior Night football game

Freedom’s final home game of the season meant there was lots of energy in Eric J. Olsen Memorial Stadium Friday, Oct 19. Students dressed in pink lined the rows of the bleachers to cheer on the team as they played Broad Run. The last game of the season meant it was Senior Night, where all […]

Marching Band has no land

As soon as the Freedom band showed up for band camp over the summer, they knew something was wrong. Their practice field was muddy and right away they figured they would have to find a new place to play. Shortly after, they were told the situation. “From what I understand the people who seed the […]

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