Ephly Reports: Europhemer 206

Europhemer 206


Day 731.506


Tripareph  1 | Europhor 7.946  | 07:32:31 | 7:32 E.A.M.

It’s already been around 206 Europhemers since we have arrived on this moon to conduct our experiments, but it feels like we’ve been here our whole lives. Many of our questions we had are both answered and unanswered, but it’s undeniable that we have made sufficient progress. Today, we are taking a break on our tests and are celebrating Dr. Cheung’s birthday, as well as the 2nd anniversary of our landing here on Europa. In honor of Dr. Cheung’s leadership and dedication, we plan to name this mini colony  “Cheung Terminal” after him.

Tripareph  2 | Europhor 17.374  | 17:45:26 | 5:45E.P.M.

It’s been a little over 2 weeks since the last record, it seems that we have adapted to this lifestyle of researching here. We have each other to work with and keep each other company, but I can’t help but miss the comfort of Earth with my family. It’s sometimes harder to work knowing that we are almost 400 million miles away from our home planet. It feels like forever since I’ve woke up in my bed back at Earth, ready to peacefully go about my daily life. It’s been two years since I have made contact with another person other than the crews working here, and even if I were to go back to Earth, I do not feel like I can adapt back to my normal lifestyle.

Tripareph  3 | Europhor  20.519 | 23:23:08  | 11:23 E.P.M.

Another successful day of work, we have really been working hard these past few months to get as much done as possible. Dr. Saglir and I had researched the previously discovered “Rubdurcidium”, and found out many more properties of it. When melted down into a liquid state and combined with ordinary silver, it reacts in an unpredicted way, emitting intense radiation and kinetic energy. Many things are still unknown, and we still miss our families, but this is all for the future of humanity, and we will keep on pushing for the information we need.

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