Henry Danger Review

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Henry Danger was a show that used to play on Nickelodeon from July 2014 until very recently, with the most recent episodes being in the December of 2018. I remember watching the show when it first came out and enjoying it very much. It would seem the public agrees with me, with 95% of Google users enjoying the show. The show was funny (for my sense of humor at the time) and very entertaining, with excellently developed characters and exquisite episodes.

The show revolves around Henry Hart, who begins working at the shop of the superhero Captain Man and eventually becomes his sidekick.  This sets off the show, consisting of various episodes each of which focus on various conflicts or villains. Some of the most memorable villains include: the Toddler, Phone Shark, Drex, Drill Finger, and an alien slug. The show also focuses on Henry’s friends Jasper and Charlotte, Henry’s sister Piper, and Captain Man’s assistant. I thoroughly enjoyed this show and would recommend it to everyone.

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