Halloween: A Spooky Surprise

     Hello, my ghouls and goblins! My spooky spiders and my vile vampires! Nature Nerd here. It is that time of year to wake the dead and to pop out the popcorn and watch scary movies. We have two days till Halloween and I thought I would put out a blog post each day sharing my stories and thoughts on the holiday. I will post a page every day from now on coming up till Halloween when I finish it off. 

     I am participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. During week three, we need to create a story or a poem about an image we found online. The twist is that we need to make sure we can use the image without interfering with Copyright law. I have created a poem telling a story. Two in one! Here is my poem:

A Spooky Surprise

It once again is that time of year.

The witches come to taste your fear.

The zombies have awaken to eat your brain.

The maniacs are also not so sane.

Vampires pop out to suck your blood.

The swamp monsters emerge from the mud.

It’s grim, there are ghouls, goblins, and ghosts.

Looking for what they seek most,

they search for your pain and screams,

But all is not what it seems.

Jack-o-lanterns, there are a ton.

But there are lots of things, not scary, but fun.

Of course, we have the sweets.

Dressing up to trick or treat.

The lights are up and shining bright,

But in the distance, I see something that gives me a fright. 

The figure approaches and I feel a chill.

I was not prepared for the upcoming thrill.

I didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly, it curled up by my shoe.

I looked down, it wasn’t scary at all.

For it was just a black kitten, so cute and small.

To see a black cat on Halloween is bad luck, I’ve heard so.

But the kitten wanted to be pet, it was hard to say no.

The kitten was not at all a fright.

More of an adorable surprise on Halloween Night…

Then, I fell down the stairs the next day.

The End.

    I hope you enjoyed the poem. If you are interested in finding images without having to worry about copyright, then I recommend this website: http://www.pics4learning.com/ Thank you for visiting my blog. I will have another Halloween story posted tomorrow. The next one is about my experiences at a pumpkin patch. So, please stick around if you want to see that. Thank you for reading. Nerd out! 😛