NBA season- Thunder 0-4 !

On October 26,2018 the Boston Celtics took on the Oklahoma city thunder to a close game of 101-95 with the Celtics taking the victory. Russell Westbrook , one of the league’s most athletic players finished the game with a near triple double with 13 points 8 assists and 15 rebounds for the Thunder. That however was not enough to stop the Celtics. The celtics now are 3-2 and the Thunder are 0-4 with yesterday’s loss. Around the end of the 1st quarter Terry rozier passed the ball to Jason tatum who then proceeded to the hoop where posterized Paul george. Jayson Tatum in his sophomore season this year has been showing the league what he can do and what he was capable of.He put up 24 points 2 assist and 6 rebounds scoring more points than his teammates.

8 thoughts on “NBA season- Thunder 0-4 !

  1. Russell Westbrook is one of the best point guards in the league. I just wish that Kyrie would score more points though. I really hope the Celtics destroy the Raptors because the team chemistry is going good so far.

  2. Looking back on this is interesting, as they are now 7-5 and now have a playoff spot. We know they are a good team but most likely won’t make it far in the playoffs whatsoever. Looking forward to future posts and maybe even something about the new 76ers?

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