Lose No Time

Industry: Lose no time; be always employed in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.


               I would want to apply this to my lifestyle for this very good reason. I always get distracted on what I am doing. I never can focus, and I always seem to be doing something else by the time I am done with the certain task or objective. Also I want to see myself get in trouble less because I have not been messing around as much and would have done what I needed to do in the first place.

                First of all, I was supposed to be cleaning my room yesterday and I seemed to end up doing a wordsearch instead. Once my mom came in my room at like eight o’clock she got super mad at me because I have only folded like two pieces of clothes and has played with other weird trinkets in the meantime. After that I got my room done at nine instead of when if I didn’t play with whatever I was playing with and actually cleaned my room. I would have been done at five.

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