My school day 12-17-18

I started off  by going to guitar and it was an average day ya know, making jokes and learning new pieces. Ap world was kind of interesting. Last class we had gotten into groups 2 or 3 and had to make a small powerpoint of a topic we chose from a list Kopel gave us.  We had to present it to the class and they would take notes on the powerpoint. We did that for the rest of the class to prepare for the test I had today (which I did really bad on). Then I came to english and began doing my poem work and then after that we were about to watch Star Wars. That’s when we had a lockdown, I was really scared I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t want to text my parents because then it would be too real and I didn’t want them to worry. We lasted about 25 minutes in the lockdown. After it all happened people were talking about what they think happened.


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