a dream from 5 years ago


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I think I was around 11 at the time, and while I was no stranger to weird dreams, this one stuck out so much that I remembered it 5 years later.

It started out normal enough–I was conversing with characters from my favorite childhood TV show (Pretty Little Liars lmao). We all went to the pool, which I dove into and discovered a maze of underwater tunnels that I began to explore. I thought I’d be wandering through the watery labyrinth forever, until I came to a cave that opened up onto dry land. In this cave were a bunch of angry gnomes (with beards, pointed hats, and all the usual gnome paraphernalia) that were running around screaming at each other. They forced me to make them a salad, because they were hungry, and after I made them the salad they threw it at the wall and screamed at me some more.

“WE HATE SPINACH!!!!!!!!!” They screeched, mobbing me and glaring at me with their beady little eyes.

Naturally, I was highly disturbed by this, so much so that I woke up in a panic. How could I ever forget a dream so scarring?



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  1. You didn’t talk about the crappy hunger games play where I was there and so was your cousin and I was like wow this is bad and your cousin was like thats cause it was directed by Justin Bieber

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