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dream date: about a month ago?

The house I lived in was made of glass. Eternal, never-ending sunlight filtered through the glass walls and bounced off of them, so it was like I was living inside of a diamond. Everything was tinted a pale blue from the vast open sky that lingered above my home. It was less of a home and more of a strange garden, as it was filled to the brim with vibrant strawberries growing in massive bushes lining the floor. They were an impossibly bright shade of red, and were so shiny and perfect that they looked to be made of glass themselves.

Contrary to the serenity of the beautiful plants, I felt terrified at being confined within the glass house. My mother was downstairs, speaking with a woman who wished to buy the effervescent plants that grew within my home. I was so lonely, and I desperately wanted to meet this new person. However, I was scared of my mother, and I feared that leaving the room I was in would make her angry. My siblings, much smaller and younger than they are in real life, were running around the glass house, hiding in the strawberry bushes due to the same strange sense of fear that I had. In dreams like these, my emotions often determine what happens–rather than whatever that happens determining my emotions. Feeling rising panic as I sensed my evil dream-mother going up the stairs, I ran around the glass attic, looking for a place to escape.

I need a way to break out.

When I need something in my dream, my subconscious gives it to me.

I dug into the dirt where the strawberries were growing out of, and I *conveniently* found a hammer. I struck the glass wall again and again, as I heard my mother stomp up the stairs and start screaming at me and my terrified siblings. She dashed through the doorway and lunged for me, but I was already out of the window, freefalling.

I need to uh not die.

Once again, my ability to lucid dream saved me. I grew wings in a matter of seconds, and flew away from the glass house as my mother screeched at me to come back. My siblings jumped out the window too, trying to obtain the freedom I now had, but they fell to the ground several stories below. They were dead.

I wasn’t THAT upset, so I continued on my merry way, flying over the dreamscape my mind conjured up. Houses and cities, plains and forests, and endless blue skies passed by me as I relished the feeling of fabricated flight. I could tell the dream was ending when the scenery began to unravel–it became very simple. The trees and clouds vanished, and the ground below became an endless plain of flat grass (literally it looked like minecraft). Slowly, the now-mundane environment faded away, and I woke up in my own bed–without wings.



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    1. Yeah it comes to me pretty naturally! There are some tips for learning how to lucid dream though. I don’t really know some but you should be able to find some articles!

  1. Getting to fly and control it in a dream seems like so much fun. Usually when I fly in a dream I can’t control it and end up floating away hehe

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