Logic: “Supermarket” ALBUM REVIEW

Logic’s new “album” is an unlistenable, cringy, and fake attempt to create a pop rap-rock album.

First to address, the fact that it is just a soundtrack for the book, friends of mine that have read the book say that the soundtrack has nothing to do with the book.Now that that’s out of the way, how did logic have the AUDACITY to think that this album would have any good critical reception with what he output. Every single song on this album sounds like a machine wrote every aspect of the lyrics, hooks and beats. It feels like a chore listening to the bland pop beats, and the rock beats sound like someone just found out what a guitar sounds like, recorded it on their ipad, and scattered them across this album.

For the lyrics, i let them explain themselves:

“Holy sh*t, i am a creep”

“pretty young girl, doing pretty young things (10x)”

“im searching for something inside my soul. If i never find what i searching for. Would you still love me or let me go?”

There is no point to any of these songs. They don’t stimulate and emotions, vibes, or messages. If this album did not exist, the world would be a better place.

antlab: 0/10

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