Russ -“Zoo” Album Critic Review

Zoo by Russ is probably one of the worst hip hop albums of the year.

This album is bland in almost everything, from his beat selection, which he annoyingly praises that he makes his own beats, which no one really cares; to his self centered lyrics and boring flows. Russ album sounds like a zoo of bad music.

Theneedledrop reviews noted that Russ ironically raps about other people being self centered, and how he thinks beefing with people is petty, as if Russ had the right to talk because he has beef with literally everybody. He also pointed out that Russ tries to act like he is tough in the street life that he was never a part of, and he even had goons beat up smokepurpp for only saying that his music is trash as a joke.

The daily debraskan noted that his staccato flows grow tiresome the for the whole album.

The musical hight says that the album starts and ends with boring

Theneedledrop – 3/10

Musical Hight 2.5/5 stars

AntLaB – 2/10


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