The Creepy Story of Cocoa Beach’s Glass Bank

The Glass Bank was an architectural masterpiece of Cocoa Beach in the 1960’s. It had a sleek open design with windows surrounding the structure. It was located near NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center so the sky room at the top was used to see rockets blasting off.

Later the restaurant Ramons Rainbow Room would take over the sky room. This became an iconic restaurant that had celebrities that performed and amazing food.  7 years later people’s tastes changed and Ramons Rainbow Room closed.

After this happened resident and attorney Frank Wolfe purchased the Glass Bank penthouse. He got rid of the windows of the sky room and replaced them with stucco walls. Frank Wolfe then proceeded to build a windowless two-story penthouse on top of the building.

The Glass Bank soon underwent lots of damage from storms and wasn’t fixed. the building soon became abandoned however, Frank Wolfe still lived alone up in his penthouse. If this wasn’t weird enough, Frank Wolf’s penthouse was realllllly weird.

For starters, the entranced was modeled after a jungle…

The living room had a doughnut shaped couch sunken into the floor and a GIANT fireplace modeled after a mountain…

There were also just random hot tubs everywhere…

and to get to other rooms you had to crawl through these weird padded tube things…

The condition of the Glass Bank got even worse. There was toxic mold growing downstairs and the power had been cut off everywhere but the penthouse apartment. Frank Wolfe was practically living on top of a garbage heap. As the condition got worse the local government pushed to completely demolish the building. Frank Wolfe, however, rejected and said that the only way to demolish the building was to buy his apartment for a ridiculous price. The government overrode this and ordered for the Glass Bank to be demolished. Frank Wolfe then proceeded to jump of the roof of his penthouse apartment and was found dead on the ground in front of the glass bank. Now the lot where the Glass Bank once stood is empty with only memories of it lingering.

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The Glass Bank

5 thoughts on “The Creepy Story of Cocoa Beach’s Glass Bank

  1. This is very creepy, I wonder what was going on through Frank Wolfe’s mind of designing this house. I am very curious as to why he redesigned it, but I really like your posts!

    1. Thanks, I read that frank Wolfe wanted an escape from the real world so that’s why he made his apartment so strange.

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