Here is a list of horror movies on Netflix that I would skip. Other people may happen to like these movies, but I am sharing my opinion on what I think about them.  I may soon review other horror movies on other platforms such as Hulu and Amazon video.

#1. Before I Wake

At first sight the movie Before I Wake started out with some potential. It follows an adopted boy whose dreams and nightmares become physically real. The idea seemed good, however throughout the movie nothing really happened leaving me bored.

#2. Gerald’s Game

So I can’t really explain too much of the plot due to mature themes, but overall a husband died and leaves his wife tied up in a remote cabin. This movie was kinda just really creepy and not in a horror movie way. I would 10/10 not recommend watching this with your family.

#3. The Human Centipede

I’m not saying that this movie was of a low quality, however the plot was really freaky and the movie was very hard to watch due to excessive gore.

#4. The Terrifier

The only way this movie would be fun to watch is if you are with friends who are scared by horror movies easily. Otherwise, the movie’s plot is very standard, there is no character development, the setting hardly changes, and the characters make never seem to make good decisions.


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