A Cabin In The Woods

Hi, my name is Carmalita and I am going to vist my reletives for a LONG weekend I am just finishing packing and I will hi the road! You’re probably wondering “How old is she” “Does she have her drivers licence” “Does she live with her family” well….. as I told you my name is Carmalita and I am 18 years old and YES I have my drivers licence and no I don’t live with my family cause when I was 17 I got myself an apartment and I have lived here ever since, when I go to see my family it is once a year and it is usally around Christmas time. And you are also probably wondering “Where does she live” “Where does her family live” well I live in Boston, Massachusetts and my relitives live up in Augusta, Maine. So from here it is not a very long car ride it is 3 hours and 30 minutes at the MOST, it usally takes me 2 hours and 20 minutes to get there (depends on traffic). So now I am loading all my stuff into my car and getting ready to leave. 10 MINUTES LATER………… Ok I am in the car and ready to goooooo!


So I have been on the road for about 1 and a half hours now and I took a right on Marryway Street and to get there faster I usally take a backroad which today is coverd in snow. Usally there are not that many animals near this area so I should be fine. Wait one minute what is tha…….. DEEER!!!!!! *BAM* *CRASH* *SCREECH*. 20 MINUTES LATER……. Ugggg wrher an e? *SPIT* Ugg my car is under deep snow and where is the road? Ummmm I CAN’T FEEL MY TOES! OR MY HANDS! I’d better get out of here! I climed through what was left of my window and I looked around and nothing seemed familier I yelled, no response, again, no response. I quickly went to check if my phone was still in my pocket and thank god it was. But it was only 1 percent left I opened it and I had my directions pulled up so it said that the nearest town was 20 miels away by CAR! (Who knows how many be walking) as I was about to dial 911 my phone died. Thats it I said to my self that’s the end!


I have been walking the past 20 minutes in the freezing cold with no gloves, no hat, no scarf, no ear muffs, and no snow boots! Wait what’s that in the distance it looks like…. A HOUSE!!!!! HORRAY maybe they will have a phone on something I can use to communicate with! *VERY HARSH BREEZE*. Oh no no no no no no no no no no I knew it a blizzard just what I need let’s hope I get to that house in time! 30 MINUTES LATER…. finally I have reached the house but the storm is getting stronger by the minute and there is 2 days until Christmas! So I knock on the door and no one answers I know on it again, still no answer. The wind is getting too hard I took the frozen doorknob and turned it a little the door was unlocked so I stepped inside. Hello I said, ayone home? My question echoed there was no sign or anyone, so I went in to explore.


I didn’t find much in the house just a few old things like dusty dolls and rags some old lamps that were TOTALLY out of style. I also found this really strange thing I found these BIG footprints on the dusty floor of the house going torward the back door, I ignored it it’s probably not important anyway. I looked around it was very small one rooom was the living room it had one tiny couch and a table and then the kitchen had a stove a counter and a sink which had moldy dishes in it YUCK! Then the mini dining room was small it had a little mini lamp a small eating table and 3 chairs on the table was a small teapot with nothing in it and a small tea glass with a little bit of hardend tea in it. Then there was a SUPER dark basement with no lights (I think) I would NEVER dare to go down there! Then suddenly a huge gust of snowy wind blew agenst the shaky windows of the small dingy house. The upstairs was ok it was at least better than the downstairs. There were 3 rooms the first one was small it had one mini bed that was made nicly with a dusty doll sitting on it. The second room was small too it was a mini bathroom with one tiny toilet a miniture sink  a comact mirror on the side and a cute little shower. The third room was a storage room it was filled with old furniture and rags and curtains and faucets I didn’t bother going in thst room but little did I know that room held all the serets to the little dingy house.


That day I was tired and it was beginig to get dark outside the snow came down in feet now it ws probably 19 feet already I couldn’t see outside the windows cause they were coverd in snow. That night I went to bed in the little bed in the mini room. The next day came I went downstairs and I was STARVING I looked in the cuboard and there was SO much food there was a whole loaf of bread, 3 cans of jam, 7 cans of tuna, 10 ceral containers, a bag of freeze dried ice cream, and 8 boxes of crackers. I grabbed the cereal container, it was labled Flakes with Frost I took ine out of the container and ate one flake suprisigly it was….GOOD! I had a bowl of that and then I remebered that today was Christmas eve and I was supposed to be in Maine yesturday! Uggggg what was I going to do!!!!!!!!!


Today the wind was blowing stronger and the window was still almost immposible to see out of. Today I decided to go to the storage room and look around and find a cool thing to play with. So after I was done sitting I went upstairs and opened the closet for the storage room. As I was digging around I found this strange book lookign thing it was orange but very rusty it looked like it had been around for YEARS! I grabbed it and ran to the couch downstairs I opened the book to the first page it said January 2nd 1220. WOW that is a long time ago. As I was reading I relized this wasn’t  a book this was a DIARY this was a diary from someone who lived in this house before. As I read I learned that the people who lived here before was a family of four the Marcceys there was Kendall Marccey, Jordon Marccey, Landa Marccey, and Capes Marccey they were a family. Supposidly one day Capes the father went out to get grocreys and he was caught in a HORRIBLE snowstorm and he sadly died. Then Landa was alone with Kendall and Jordan. Jordan was curious about the snow so when he was 10 he ventured out in the snow and he never cam back, Kendall went looking for him and she got lost and Landa found her but they were both eaten by a wolf. I looked up from the diary and it was pitch black outside so I had a small bread with jam and a can of tuna and then went to sleep tommorrow would be Christmas.


I woke up early the next morning and I was worried what my relitives would think but that was the least of my concerns. As I got out of bed I saw that I could see through the windows and the snow had gone down to 6 feet. I was soooo happy maybe today was my last day in this cabin. It was Christmas and I didn’t knwo what to do so I grabbed the other cereal contaier which said Fruit and Circles. I took out a circle and tryed it YUM! SO I had a good breakfeast and then I went back to the storage room. As I was digging I found alot of things old pots and pans silverware and lots’s of hangers I also found this SUPER fuzzy and cute stuffed animal bear. The bear was white with a little red bow tied to his neck I thought to myself I have seen this somewhere before. Then it clicked to me the diary I saw Kendall standing in one of those pictures with this bear! This bear was soooooooooo cute I couldn’t resist I took it out of the pile and went downstairs. I played with it all day, then I deiscoverd a tag that said “Harmeny” huh I thought the bears name must be Harmeny. I played with Harmeny all day until dinner then I realized again it was christmas I guess Harmeny was my Christmas present!


The next day almost all the snow had melted and I was ready to leave so I packed up Harmeny the jornal a few snacks and I opened the door, a HUGE gust of wind came to me but I was ready to GO. I looked back at the house and said bye then I walked out closed the door behind me and BAM that was that. I walked and walked not knowing where I was going and then I saw smoke i the distance it was coming from a hotel I walked 3 miels to get to the hotel and when I got there I went inside I nudged my way in through the crowd and found the front desk, I told them my situation and they gave me the phine and I unstanly called my relatives one by one and they said they were coming to pick me up. So I was waiting in the lobby and my cousin came in she told me to come so I cam in her car and she drove me off to our house then I realized something. Her name was Mary and she looked alot like the girl in the jornal. Quickly I pulled out my jornal and looked at the picture of Kendall and then I looked at Mary they looked so alike. What if if if…. Mary is…… KENDALL!




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