The last ride

By hailey joe


The cold barren mountain

Is now empty



The journey up is silent

Everyone’s face frozen

Unable to talk

Just sit quietly waiting


We stare tirelessly

At the long way up

Counting down seconds

Till we start our journey down


Empty lifts creak back and forth

like broken floor boards

echoing in the silence


The darkness escapes

as the warm yellow pours in

Lights as big as mountains

Flick on

Illuminating the path down

the cold barren mountain


As we escape

The safety of the lift

We start our journey down

The cold barren mountain


The winds pinch my bare face

As my snowboard slices

The now ice like snow


The lift felt as though we had waited years

But the way down lasted a minute

It felt as though we were flying

Through the sky

Flowing with excitement


We head in

Ending the trip with that as

our last ride


Reflection questions

  1. I did a sensory poem
  2. I choose this event because every year I go on a snowboarding trip with 4 other families and the last ride of the day is always very cold and everyone is tired but it’s really important and special.
  3. Exhausted and cold
  4. Even though the trip up and down may do cold and exhausting the trip down is always worth it
  5. Lights as big as mountains and Empty lifts creak back and forth like broken floor boards
  6. I changed lite to illuminated and I changed empty to barren.
  7. It was easy but some parts were tricky like descriptive word choice
  8. I’m pretty happy I feel like the poem turned out pretty good


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