Ode to the pitohui

Bright orange feathers like the sun

Piercing red eyes

A silent warhorn, Warning the whole forest of its presence

Minute but deadly like a dart frog

It is the pitohui

Razor sharp beak and claws like samurai swords


Coat of brilliant orange feathers


Ruby eyes like crimson flames of the abyss


Every beast and every being in the forest

Acknowledging the pitohui

The greenery and flowers part

Like the royal guard

The tigers and black bears bow

Like faithful generals

The sun shines down like a spotlight

In the spotlight

You ruffle your powerful wings

Your bold and beautiful colors, glistering in the sun

Like a star

Elegant and magnificent yet you are

The most lethal and poisonous bird known to man

The pitohui


By Samuel Park




  1. I published an ode.
  2. I choose the Pitohui out of sheer luck. When I was looking for a random inspiration I came across an article about the Pitohui. I thought writing about a poisonous bird would be interesting so I wrote an ode.
  3. The tone of my poem is glorious.
  4. The theme of my poem is that the Pitohui should be respected and feared.
  5. Razor sharp beak and claws like samurai swords is a simile. This line shows that the Pitohui is dangerous, showing exactly why the bird should be feared. The tigers and black bears bow is an example of personification and alliteration. This line adds to the theme by showing respect to the Pitohui.
  6. I changed beautiful to elegant and magnificent because i wanted to use more advanced words to describe the bird and I had already used beautiful. I also added a line that says like the royal guard to emphasize the power of the bird.
  7. It was difficult to find an inspiration because I had no idea what to write about but after I decided that I was writing about the Pitohui it was easy.
  8. I think my final draft came out better than I thought it would. At first I thought I would have hard time adding figurative language, but I didn’t have much trouble coming up with lines for my ode.

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