The Sea

By: Ojas Kathayat

A salty smell tickles my nose

I open my eyes as wide as the moon

I’m standing on the vast sea

Time is Frozen still and the water Twinkles like diamonds, without a hint of disturbance

Mesmerizing; controlling my every move

I’m having the time of my life as I sprint on the endless blue we call the sea

I lay down, staring at the vast sky, my back is towards the deep, dark sea

But, I’m having second thoughts on how exciting this is as I feel something is amiss

A bad feeling stirs deep within my heart  

Suddenly, I hear it


A chill as intense as a hail storm crawls down my spine


I hear it again

Out the corner of my eyes, I see it

A bleak shadow that makes one’s blood turn cold with a glance stretches across the horizon

The wind blows stronger as moments pass

Clouds that could make a person faint by a single glimpse are starting to stain the sky, eventually unfolding as far as one can see

The Waves are now dancing like crazed humans  

The sea that once was as serene as the fading sun is now as violent as a erupting volcano

As the dark expanse engulfs me within it arms,

I slowly lose consciousness

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